There are many ways people use their Spiritual connection. Its really the underlying source of everyday activities leading to fulfilment, meaning & happiness.

Acknowledging intuition and working through this step by step, for me, is the process of grounding Spiritual energy, the energy moves down through levels of your being into your everyday life.

This movement of energy happens all the time, just to sustain life, however when the time is right for you this energy appears on the radar of your awareness as intuition and helps you to move into new life experiences, into wholeness, and subsequently to move you to a greater understanding of yourself.

When swimming in the ocean, waves flow around us towards the beach. When a significant wave approaches, we can choose to ride it towards the beach. We may not make it all the way, but even so, we learn – ready for the next one. You dont know the power of a wave until it gets closer to the beach and it reveals itself as the breaking wave. These waves are like healing opportunitys. As they appear on your intuitional radar, you can choose to work with them in your life. As this energy wave moves down through your energy body, from intuitional down to material, it brings gifts for you.

As I look back on my own experiences, I try to understand how this process has unfolded in my life. I realise that everyone’s life circumstances are different, but I feel that we share common ground when it comes to how Spiritual Energies, Spirituality, manifests within our lives and by writing how I feel this occurs in my life, hopefully it will help someone else in their own search :

  • Use your Intention. Intend to seek, open yourself to incoming intuition ;
  • Keep the intention sincere
  • Intuition appears within your awareness – radar ;
  • Acknowledge and set your intention once again to follow the intuition – set the course ;
  • As energy flows, intuition turns to feelings, interest, creativity and enquiry – follow the compass
Interest and enquiry turns to knowledge of methods to increase your experience: (learning to ride the wave – level 1)
  • invite external help
  • find community
  • read
  • discover holistic exercises (yoga / tai chi / chi kung)
  • discover techniques (reflection / meditation)
  • investigate healing / self healing
  • receive further intuition
  • experience encouragement

the cumulative effect of this leads to greater self understanding: (riding the wave – level 2)

  • develop better energy flow as a result of holistic exercise
  • begin to acknowledge and invite internal help
  • development of your personal, world & universal views
  • understand feelings as a reflection of energy flow
  • understand your life circumstances as a reflection of who you really are
  • receive further intuition
  • experience healing (stability, peace)
  • release of suffering reflects in life circumstances around you
  • verification through personal experience
  • remember your potential

greater self understanding invites new experiences: (power revealed – level 3)

  • clearer feelings, relationships and understanding
  • deeper intuition / direct knowing
  • synchronistic experiences, the universe supporting and interecting with you
  • energy awareness (chakras, pathways, aura)
  • experience healing (meaning, stability, peace, connectedness)
  • awareness of an inner reality, helping and supporting you
  • classic spiritual experience
  • verification through personal experience & direct knowing
  • know your potential

any experience leads to knowledge of reality:

  • change in perspective
  • change in relation
  • acknowledgement
  • appreciation
  • integration
  • ultimately express as action to help others, be a lightworker

As you go through these cycles, anything you obtain during the course of the healing is taken back into the start of the next cycle. It is a progressive journey.

Its important to say that you don’t always experience a level 1,2 & 3 healing in each cycle, its probably more likely to experience levels 1 & 2 and when you are ready, you may experience a level 3. Of course this is meant for a guide and it is completely down to you, your deepest Soul energies, and Spirit.

Feelings of peace and joy are Spiritual experiences in themselves and can come about at any time, especially during healing cycles.

As healing progresses, it isn’t unusual for phenomenon to appear within your consciousness. For example, classic psychic phenomenon. These are symptoms of an expanding consciousness. They can be thought of as ultra intuition. We already have intuition, these are just ultra forms of the same intuition. Go with it. As you experience these things, you are remembering the depth of your connection to the Spiritual Universe.  Interesting experiences but not the goal.

Within the level 3 healings I include classic Spiritual experiences such as angelic communion, seeing spiritual light,  experiences of unity & connectedness, bliss.

These are life changing gifts to allow you to become more established in your Spiritual life, and to help you to remember and acknowledge the deepest levels of your being.

You can then bring that awareness back into your daily life, expressing the qualities remembered through your intentions and interactions towards people, your community, your work and the world at large. Every aspect of your life.