Soul Journey

Soul Journey

The beings in the Human Kingdom were created as step-down transformers for divinity or in other words for divine thought forms to re-manifest the heavens into the denser planes of form and matter. Humans are all embryonic god forms in training and the earth is where we come into our “being-ness”.

Humans work with thought and feeling. We receive an idea from the higher planes, we then work with and refine and develop the ideas on the level of thought. Then we energise these thought forms with our feelings. Human life works towards “mastering” many fields of life in each subsequent lifetime.


Let us journey now to a time before our incarnation into human form, when many essences joined together as a great “soul light”. These god essences agreed to come to earth at this time to assist in humanity’s “awakening” to the age of peace. Do you remember this time, try and visualise it in full colour and in panoramic vision. Remember now the picture of humanity enjoying a time of peaceful interaction with one another.

Imagine now that you are once again connected to that soul light and that vision of peace. Remember the purity of that great soul light and how it felt, how it bathed each individual in pure love. Remember too the power within that magnificent vision of peace.

Breath the essence of that vision into your human heart………… feel it anchor within and take root. Feel the joy filling your entire being, feel the joy spreading to one another, to your families, friends, neighbours, workmates. Feel the joy encompassing all of humanity and see the colour of the joy, see it filling mother earth. Extend that joy now to the entire universe, then see it expand so much that the colour of joy fills everything – each human heart filled with joy and love and peace. See and feel the joy, love and peace strengthening and comforting your entire being.

Breathe deeply and slowly, open your eyes and awaken to the age of peace within humanities central heart.

We are all here now to support humanities awakening into the full power of divine love, divine joy and divine peace.

We are in the process of transforming ourselves by remembering our divine purpose and by acting out this divine purpose we are transforming our earth home and all of our lives here on earth.