The Age of Light

Our Solar System moves through what is called the Great Cycle from approximately 25,920 years BC to this present time.
At the former time our SUN travelled through the PHOTON BAND which exists in the cosmos as a band of charged LIGHT ENERGY.
It has now come full circle, to enter once more and take us upwards to a HIGHER LEVEL OF BEING.
We are already feeling the effects of the entry into this age of LIGHT.
The SUN is already changing its specific ray quality, becoming more energised. Perhaps you have noticed that it now appears very crystal white. This will increase as we process further into the PHOTON BAND OF LIGHT ENERGY.

We are moving into HIGHER LEVELS OF ENERGY which are quickening our perceptions and our higher faculties, such as INTUITION, our abilities to HEAL and our abilities to contact SPIRIT and those who dwell in it, such as people we have known and who have passed on, the ASCENDED MASTERS and of course the ANGELS and GUARDIANS.
It is because of these changes that the ANGELS are able to draw nearer to us, and we to them, and the reason why we are curious and aware of their existence.
Peoples all over the world are testifying to such contacts, especially in times of need or danger. As the energy of our AURAS quickens this faculty will increase to those who are awakened to the NEW ENERGIES which are now coming in fast.
We are now in the penumbra, or the edge of this beam of LIGHT and by 21st DECEMBER 2012 we will be entering proper into the FULL ENERGY.
Many changes will occur on all levels as the whole structure of our Earth system changes. We are already aware of the beginnings now.
This time will herald in the true AGE OF AQUARIUS which is prophesied as the start of a new GOLDEN AGE to come where Earth people will go through a great change, finally to live in PEACE, JOY and LOVE.
We are being HELPED now, if we tap into our Higher Selves, by SPIRIT GUARDIANS and ANGELS, who will assist us in making this TRANSITION safely through.
By believing in the ANGELS and in SPIRIT you will come to accept that anything is possible and that MIRACLES do happen. ASK, have FAITH and TRUST.

Margaret Fuller, Astro Angel Connection