The Calming Breath

This is an ancient discipline of yoga; the effects are quick for an efficient technique to aid relaxation.

Start by breathing from the abdomen, inhale through the nose slowly. Count for five ….1…..2…..3…..4…..5 on the inhalation.

Pause and hold this breath for the count of five.

Start to exhale slowly, through the nose or the mouth whichever feels more comfortable for you…… Make sure to exhale fully

Now take two breaths in your normal rhythm, then repeat the above again. Do this for at least three to five minutes. This should be ten cycles of five in breaths and five out breaths.

Remember to take the normal two in breaths and out breaths between each cycle. Smooth and regular, do not gulp air in or thrust it out on the exhalations. If it helps or if you wish to think affirmations whilst breathing in this way, think……”relaxed”   “calming”    “letting go” or an other word you like to use.

This exercise may help to reduce the oncoming state of hyperventilation. Calm the breath and control it. By practicing this exercise in times of stress or panic, you will dampen down the physiological reactions underlying anxiety and panic. The move from breathing in and out from only the chest and using the ability of the abdomen, the more consistent your state of relaxation will become.

Karen Lewis is a Life Coach, personal stress consultant, and meditation teacher. She can be contacted on or visit