The Cosmic Artist

Sometimes, when we undertake new projects, we know exactly what we are meant to be doing. The inspiration has really jumped out at us and its easy to follow. Other times it’s not so clear. We become unsure of what to do next or where our direction lies.

At times like these, its best to be receptive and acknowledge a natural resting period in our lives.

Perhaps what we need to do is just rest in order to integrate what we have done recently by contemplating the meaning of events in our lives.

Remember, be receptive, nurture the yin qualities within yourself.

Slowly, but surely, take note of any items of interest that appear within your consciousness. Follow them through.

Keep doing this, be receptive, just follow the interest as it arrives.

If it helps, write the information down.

There is a process called ‘journaling’ where, at appropriate times, you would write down what comes into your mind, everything. You may not even read it back, but its the start of getting thoughts and feelings out of your mind onto paper. There may be something in there which may inspire you.

I find that first thing in a morning is a good time to undertake something like this, as information from your sleeping state may be still available to you. I find this is a good time for obtaining insight.

It may well be the start of something new for you that has to be started small. Follow inspiration through, it may be a seed idea that needs more research. Try to discover more about it, use google. Ask for help from others.

Sometimes life becomes like a blank canvas. Your inspiration can become like small spots of paint slowly dripped onto the canvas below. Only over time will the spots reveal a picture. When you recognise the picture, acknowledge it and act.

You cant rush the Cosmic Artist.