The Healing Train

Where does healing take place ? Is it seperate from ordinary life ?

Ultimately, healing occurs by living our lives, experiencing our lives, life itself is the healing vehicle.

Imagine a train, the train needs its tracks to be in good condition. The tracks are like the subtle energy body, providing us with the right rails for energy to move down from the causal to material, from 7th chakra to the 1st chakra, if these rails are not in good condition it affects the movement of the train.

The train itself needs to be kept in good condition, or it affects the passengers experience, the train is like our life circumstances, as the train moves over the tracks we progress through our lives encountering new opportunities. The train passes many stations along its journey, stopping for a while at some, going straight through others, these are like significant events in our lives, we may need stay a while at certain stations, others offer us no new experiences and we go through. Has the train taken the right route ?

The train passengers represent our experience as we move through life, both the train itself and the rails need to be in good working order to reach the destination in a satisfactory way, for us to have enjoyed the scenery, or perhaps, for us to have done some work whilst on the journey. You may have a peaceful journey, or it may be full of problems or distractions, e.g. problems with the train or problems from other people on the train. Someone may have got on at a station, and may have started a really good conversation with you, inspiring you, only to leave at the next. A train journey can take you to the next town, or across a continent. Are you a passenger or are you the driver ?

If there is something wrong with the rails of your life, get them fixed, if there is something wrong with the train, get it fixed. If you are not sure where the problem is, start with the rails, then move onto the train if it reveals itself to be in need of attention, further, if you experience one carriage to be too noisy, try moving to another carriage. You always have a choice in life. Choose to heal.

Ordinarily, people dont know how to fix train tracks, there are trained people who do this and who understand how they are laid, how junctions work. You may need to seek out such a person to help you fix your tracks, but also you could learn how to fix them yourself.

Same goes for the train, fixing it requires skill. Understand life circumstances, learn to reflect on how life circumstances come together and on how these circumstances create your experience. Understand what your life is reflecting to you about yourself.

Learn to appreciate the railway as a whole, the people who operate it and those who set the timetable. Like life’s journey, there are many aspects of a railway journey we take for granted, try to see these more subtle aspects at work within your life.