The Lords Prayer

This is an interpretation of the meaning and essential teaching of the Lords prayer based on my own experience of working with the prayer. This is based on my work with energy as a tai chi teacher and student and recently working with energy within a Christian context. So that the living word of Jesus Christ, whose words echo down the centuries, continue to carry the energy and vibration as they were spoken at the time. This is my interpretation. I do not claim it is right, or the only interpretation, but for me this interpretation of the Lords Prayer carries within it the essential flow of energy in the universe. Therefore in its simplicity it carries within it essential truth. Moreover it is the means by which we can prepare for the creation of the Son. It is the teaching by which Jesus is preparing those who can hear to follow in his footsteps and become like him.

I do not wish here to go into detail of the preparation leading up to the prayer but will cover it elsewhere at a later date. It is sufficient here to say that, for me, I would prepare the body, using energy work to be ready for the prayer. However, the prayer stands on its own and can be used with or without this energy work. This is a vibrational prayer working with the name of God, Hallowed be thy Name, so I find that the prayer is assisted by higher vibrational sound. I recommend The Divine Name by Jonathan Goldman, which works with the sound of God’s name, Jehovah. The prayer as with all of Christ’s teachings works on many levels. Here in this practice we are attempting to experience the feeling created through the words of the prayer. So the prayer is not, in this interpretation, to be spoken straight through, rather the words of each part are to be felt and stayed with.

The Prayer

Our Father Who Art in Heaven
The mind reaches up from the crown to the Father. In meditation when the mind becomes quiet, it naturally reaches outwards and upwards, as if expanding. It feels as if the mind is reaching up to the Father. This is why it is good to come to the prayer in a state of meditation.

Hallowed be Thy Name
The mind merges with the universal vibration. Music can help here to feel the vibration. It is as if the open mind can merge with the Name.

Thy Kingdom Come
God, the name, the vibration enters behind the eyes. This is the start of God entering the body, like an empty vessel.

Thy Will be Done
The vibration comes down into the throat. God’s will is brought down. The throat represents the speaking of truth. When the throat is activated the words spoken represent God’s will

On Earth as it is in Heaven
God enters the heart. The heart is the vehicle for expressing God’s love on earth.

Give us this day our daily bread
The heart is balanced by the earth. We are bringing God presence into our heart, but it becomes physical. For God to be present in this world there has to be a body to work through. This is a reminder of the physical nature of the prayer.

And Forgive us our trespasses
Feel God’s love for you in your heart. Everything that has happened in your life to this moment, whatever you feel you have ever done wrong, does not matter, You are loved by God. This is not God’s forgiveness for you, because God loves unconditionally, this is you forgiving yourself by feeling God’s unconditional love. Stay here in God’s Love.

As we forgive those who trespass against us

Let the feeling of God’s love in your heart extend out into the world. Feel as is the heart opens as an expression of God’s love in this world. Let that love extend to everyone in your life especially to those who cause the greatest problems in your life. Bring God’s will, His creative power into this world, with love. Create heaven on earth. Let the love of God flow through you out into the world. Stay here as long as that flow continues.

Lead us not into temptation
Let the light of the world flow back into the heart. See the world through God’s eyes. Know that the world appears to offer us gifts but that these will never satisfy us. See the beauty of God in this world that is often hidden behind our perception and judgement.

But deliver us from evil
Open your heart to receive love from this world See the truth in this world. See this world as God sees it. See the light in others not their darkness. Feel that God’s love is reflected back into your heart from the hearts of others.

For Thine is the Kingdom
Feel gratitude in your heart, for God, for Christ, for this world and for all the people in your life. This is God’s kingdom, here on Earth, our gratitude expresses our appreciation that we continue to live in God’s garden.

The Power and the Glory
Let that love return to heaven and earth. The Earth is an expression of God’s power and Heaven an expression of God’s glory. Feel that the world has been uplifted by the prayer, that through the prayer you and the world at large have come closer to the time when we see no separation between heaven and earth.

For Ever and Ever
Rest now in the certainty and constancy of God. God and Heaven continue for ever, constant and unchanging. Absorb the feeling and experience of the prayer.

Return to the universal sound, within you and outside of you. Slowly return back to the awareness of your body and surroundings. Come to your heart and bow in appreciation of God, this world and those who share your journey. Take your time to absorb God’s blessings.

God’s love comes into your heart, balanced by the earth. It flows from your heart out into the world as an expression of God. God’s love is reflected back from the hearts of all others, into your heart, to see the world as it really is. With gratitude the love flows back to heaven and to earth a constant universal flow.

This is the Lord’s prayer. This is how Jesus taught the disciples to pray. On the surface are the simple words but within the prayer is the universal truth. We are inviting God to enter, not just during the prayer but into our lives. We are learning what it feels like for God to be present within us. The Lord’s prayer is a both as tool to help us to learn to experience God, but also a tool for us to express God’s love into the world, to literally create heaven on earth. It does not matter if we use it to learn or use it as an expression of God, it only matters that we use it.