The Moses Code

At the recent James Twyman concert in Shrewsbury, James used the opportunity to share with the audience the information about the Moses Code. The Moses code is a film, book and CD that will be coming out early next year (February and March). James has written the book and a number of other spiritual teachers have contributed to the film. It is seen as a follow up to the Secret which has been extremely successful in America. The idea is to take the principles of the laws of attraction as expressed in the secret and go deeper into the power of manifestation through God. James shared the principle technique of the Moses code and it is such a powerful tool that he has encouraged us all to use it. He described it as “The most powerful manifestation tool in the world, ever!”

The Moses Story
Most of you will be familiar with the story of Moses, so I will not repeat it all here except the most relevant part. Having been living in the wilderness for 40 years, Moses found a burning bush which was not consumed by the fire. As he approached the bush, God spoke to him asking him to go to the Pharoah and ask him to release the Israelites from slavery. When he asked God who should he say he spoke for, God answered “I Am That I Am”. These words form the key to the Moses code. The Moses code says that these words were the key to the miracles that Moses performed and were also the key that Jesus used 1500 years later.

The Principle
The principle behind the Moses code is very simple, that we were created as children of God. In creating us, God is present within us all, we are already perfect, although we rarely see it. The Moses code is there to remind us of the qualities of God that reside within us. By using the Moses code we are acknowledging that quality within us “I Am That”. By acknowledging that quality we are also acknowledging our link to God, that we are never separated from God. Through that link to God, the reply comes “I Am”. God does not reply “You are” because God only sees the wholeness and recognises only that part of us that God created. In this use of the words “I Am That” and the response “I Am” a resonance is created between us and God. It creates for us a reminder of our true nature and reminds us of the Oneness. The power of manifestation comes from the creative power that is inherent in us as children of God. We are both acknowledging that creative ability and linking to the universal power. Understand that in using the Moses code we are creating with God, the extent of that creation is limitless, but we are also creating in line with God’s will.

That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings, who is the giver of grace
to all, the Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being – I am that.
Amritbindu Upanishad

Using the Code
The principle use of the code here is as a manifestation tool. Choose something that you choose to manifest in your life. The might be abundance, freedom, health, to heal a situation or many other things that reflect the wholeness within you.
Spend some time being meditative or doing energy work to help to enter a quiet connected space. Hold the object of the manifestation, in your heart, feel that quality within you. When you feel that quality, say the words (out loud or to yourself) “I Am That”, saying that quality is already within. Wait for the reply “I Am”, just allow it to come, you can say the words, feel them or hear them, or just trust. Repeat this process, as many times as seems appropriate.
When you feel that it is complete, just sit and allow the quality to sit within you at the heart as though bringing the quality into being in this world.
To finish feel gratitude. Feel that the manifestation has already taken place and be grateful to God. Keep the focus of the manifestation while the world organises it. You may want to repeat the process on a regular basis to help maintain your focus. Try not to say or do anything that will deny the quality or the truth within you, even in a self-deprecating or jokey way.
My experience of using the code, for only a short time, is that it is a very powerful tool, whose power goes beyond the manifestation ability. It is for me a third eye tool, and while I hold the quality in my heart, it is as though the words go from the third eye area to God and return there. There was more information at the concert / workshop about the sound behind the Moses code and I recommend that you check out the CD when it becomes available. The book, film and CD will contain much more information and keep looking out for these arriving, but the power of the tool is in its use and that use can start now.