The Picture House

Sometimes you come across privately run picture houses, where the owner takes care to provide great customer experience and satisfaction. This love comes over in the attention to detail, service, decor, seating and maybe even looking after the equiptment or camera itself.

In the face of competition it would take a lot of willingness, determination and willpower for the owner to keep this going, but its a labour of love.

You can see that attention has to be paid to the upkeep of the camera, as it is the central projecting source. Also, what is the camera without the screen ? The light needs to reach the screen.

Comparing the Indian chakra system to the picture house, the owner is represented by the Crown chakra, the projecting source is the Brow chakra.

From the projecting source, from the camera, energy is poured out down through the energy body, down through each of the Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and ultimately towards the base chakra.

The lower chakras are like the screen.

The projected light from the camera hits the screen and becomes an animated reality.

Imagine the light source not only projecting in one direction, but in all directions, with the light at the center.

It becomes a sphere of light, like a bright central star radiating light outwards.

No matter how you look into the sphere, you always see the bright central light at the center.

The subtle energy flowing from the central source underpins, sustains and animates not only our lives, but the whole of the physical universe.
This light is at the very center of who we are.

When the light is perfectly reflected in our hearts, in the Heart chakra center, it becomes the Sacred Heart.

The Heart center becomes the perfect balancing point between the Spiritual chakras and the more Earthly chakras.

Hence, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who perfectly and unconditionally reflected the central Christ energy.