The Presence of God

When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,”
but rather “I am in the heart of God.”

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Naked on the bare rock
What is the foundation?
When we dig deep into the soul what do we find?
What is left when everything is removed?

Only one thing is present
There is only one constant
There is only the relationship with God
This is the foundation on which we build

Wherever I am
Wherever you are
Whatever we are doing
God is always present

Every time we question someone
whenever we judge
then we question God’s presence
and we question God’s presence in ourselves

God is always present
in me
in you
in everyone

This presence is laid bare
It is the foundation
the only solid ground
on which to build

I am always in God’s presence. There is not a moment, not even one second when I am apart from God. I may not remember it and I may not feel it, but I am always, continuously, within God’s presence. This is not a state that is special to me. It is not something I have reached. It is and always has been the way for me, for everyone and every living thing. We are all, always, present within God.

God’s presence is not a gift that is given to us.
It is not something that can be earned.
No matter how much we try
we cannot increase God’s presence.

It is as natural as the air,
as full as the ocean,
as permanent and unmoving as the mountains
and its burns like a inextinguishable fire
We do not need to ask for it.
We do not need to seek it.

We enter the dance of joy and pain,
but it is never true.
We can be in the dance unaware,
or in the knowledge of God’s presence
We can dance whenever we want and with who we want
but it does not affect God’s presence.

God’s presence is beyond joy and pain.
It is beyond love and fear.
It is beyond male and female, life and death,
internal and external, fullness and emptiness.
Dance the dance of life
but know that God’s presence is unmoved by it.

We are all, always, in God’s presence.
It is never dulled or diminished by anything we do,
nor does it shine more brightly.
It is endless and unceasing.

There is not a time when I am not within the presence of God. When I am doing the most mundane thing, when I do not feel connected, I am still within God’s presence. We are all ever present within God. We do not need to seek it out.