There are many times in our lives when we have been able to touch a feeling of wholeness, but perhaps we were not ready to recognise it as such. Experiences of wholeness are not always something special or extraordinary, but can be every day experiences, like the feeling we get with a new born baby, that first flush of love, the awe and magnitude of nature, the feeling in holy or sacred places. They all remind us of our spiritual nature.

Many times we have felt the feeling of oneness and not even taken the time to appreciate it. I remember finding a beautiful 8th century hermitage in a cave in the south of France. As you entered the feeling took your breath away. We sat for a time near the entrance and it had the same effect on everyone as they came in. Yet very few stopped even for a minute to really appreciate the experience. Within seconds they had moved on and started to look at the information and engaged their logical minds.

As we come to the holiday period, we may have greater opportunity to be touched by the beauty and sacredness of the world around us. When you feel that moment of “wowness” just take time to appreciate it, to feel it and hold it. Recognise it, acknowledge it, explore it and learn what the experience feels like. The body, the emotions and the mind help us remember, if we take time to appreciate it.

Wholeness is a natural state which all of us have experienced at some time. The purpose of our spiritual practice is to make that experience more readily available to us. Whether it be through prayer, meditation, tai chi, yoga, or any other spiritual practice the objective is to make the experience familiar to us. Once it becomes familiar we can access it more easily. Then we can use it, we can return to it when we need it. Spirituality does not take away the problems of everyday living, but it does provide us with tools to see those problems differently, so that they no longer feel like problems. By accessing a feeling of wholeness when times are hard, we not only learn to nurture ourselves, but we also see the problem from a new and different perspective.

Holidays offer us an opportunity not just to chill out but to take time out from everyday routine to examine our lives and what is important. They can be times of reflection and change. Try as you take time away from your busy life to find time to explore your experience of wholeness, to rediscover what is important to you and bring determination to your desire to change.