Your Thought Waves create an Atmosphere Around You

When you leave behind your selfish desires, your true mind comes to reflect itself in your daily words and actions. Since your true self is a radiant light, rooted in the divine, your words, actions and lifestyle begin to shine. However, since this radiant light is in a different category from that of the material world, its brilliance is not clearly perceived by most people. But I do think they can feel brightness, gentleness and warmth without knowing why.

As you approach this state, you give people a pleasant sensation of pureness, cleanness and brightness.
Leaving behind selfish desires can be explained from a different perspective as thinking about and working for others, thinking about and working for society, and thinking about and working for humankind. In short it is to do only works of love.

When your true self appears on the surface, it means that God is manifested there. God is all of everything, and God is love. Thus, when the Divine Mind moves in you, you are actively sending out thoughts and actions of love.

The further removed one is from selfish desires, the fewer attachments one has and he more one is calling forth one’s true freedom of mind. This kind of person, when seen through spiritual eyes seems to radiate light.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

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by Masahisa Goa