Something strange happened the other day. Mind you a lot of strange things happen, so perhaps they are not really strange. The word BULLIES came into my mind and following is an extract of the subsequent poem…

In life, bullies abound
and not just in the playground!
I know it is easier said than done,
but, if ever you want to walk in the sun,
to feel its heat beat down upon your face,
to take, in this world, your rightful place,
to have a mind, bright and crystal clear,
you must learn to conquer fear.
Know that you are as good as anyone,
and then your fear will be gone.

I thought who is this for? And then two days later, a girl I hadn’t seen for some weeks, approached me, full of pain for her daughter, who was being bullied at work! I had my answer.

I am amazed constantly at this phase in my life.

by Doreen Seddon