Heart of Light

Listen, as you breathe slowly,
Listen as you breathe deeply,
Listen to the murmurings of the heart’s Light.
Hear the sweet melodious voices of angelic choirs
Singing, praising your Soul as you journey
through the rainbow rivers and vessels of Light
within the oasis of your heart.

Hear the voice of Source
Speaking in a hundred thousand ways,
See, hear, sense and feel the Divine Presence
Within the fabric of your very being.
Surround yourself with Celestial Light –
And breathe, yes breathe in the sacred wisdom.

Feed your body and nourish your Soul with this elixir of Life
Be Love, Love Love.
As you listen – do you not hear the celestial bell, of
Chamuel, Archangel of the Wise Heart?
Listen, Listen and Listen
With your heart, your breath and your Light
For there you will find me – a Servant of the Heavenly Light.
When you find me –
you find God at the centre of your very being.
For All is One
One Light – heart shaped
And Eternal.

by Archangel Chamuel

Channelled by:
Julie Brett-Bellis 2005