I Am Here

I AM HERE …….This poem was positively yelled at me. There was no way it would be ignored.
The feeling is that things, life, perhaps, as we know it, are in flux and this is a warning to mankind. Or, perhaps, I am being fanciful, and yet……. Who knows?

I am here,
I am so very near.
Every moment, I speak,
Yet you do not hear!

Do you think I am weak?

Do not mistake my meekness
For weakness!

Do you think I cower
Whilst all you do is glower
At those who will not follow your path,
Whilst all you do is spew forth your wrath?

I gave you a world which shone
And all you had to do was don
A mantle of light
And feel the delight
In all that you chose to do,
For I also gave you free will,
But now I cannot help but rue
The day I gave you life,
And you picked up the knife!

But remember! I am here!

Do you have any fear?

by Doreen Seddon