I Stand on Ground Anew

I stand on ground anew
Albeit with shaky gait
Reclining back, resting forward,
Shifting in my seat,
Compass of the heart
Where is my centre?
Middle ear,
Balance please,
A force so strong,
Is calling me,
To my knees,
Swirling, moving, Lifting,
It begs no mercy, Sweeping,
Cleaning debris,
Littered by intent,
From pillars of fear and pain,
Spattered in,
Precious release,
By a force so great,
Created, Conjured, By intent,
That knows, no bounds,
Or height and depth,
Cascades in torrents
From it’s source,
An opened heart,
In waves of confused,
And chaotic motion,
From it’s root,
It moves,
In life, In love,
Towards, Its destination,
No compass required,
Or balance insisted,
Its final resting place,
Your heart

by Amanda Baker