Summer Walk

The sky is blue and hazy.
Heat clouds the view.
The hill is clothed in shade this summer’s day.
Dappled leaves and foxglove swaying in the breeze conceal me
as I traipse along these ancient paths festooned with flowers.
Branches sway above me in this secret woody domain.
Whose feet have trod this way before?
Sun rests on fence fleetingly and birds do too
before winging their way skywards to enjoy the day.
Rabbits bob beneath the undergrowth, as I trespass on their plot.
I reach my ‘Rock of Ages’, which surely tells a tale.
It dominates the scene.
Here I end my trail.
It is my turning spot today, but I will return again to wander and to wonder
and enjoy this heavenly place,
where heart and mind can sing
and feet can dance the joy of life.

by Rosemary Graham