The True Royals

Its not what you do for a living
That makes you who you are
Your role could be princess or a queen
Wearing jewels as bright as the stars
Or have been chosen to be a nurse
Who tends to the sick of the land
Or maybe somebody’s carer
Who reaches out to hold somebody’s hand
Then again you could be a cleaner
With hard work upon your plate
Or just a blessed lollipop lady
Who waits for children at the school gate
No its not what you do for a living
That will bring the rewards you deserve
But the spirit in which you render your service
And the love that you share on this earth
For a queen may sit with her crown
And long on her throne she might reign
But the riches that showered her life
Will be left here on earth once again
For true riches well they just can’t be bought
And heaven’s jewels they just can’t be seen
And beyond these roles that we play
We are all a child of a heavenly queen

by Teresa Larkin