Sacred Walks

“Walking in the presence of God”

Sacred walks are walks in nature to places of divine connection, places where the veil between the physical and spiritual is thin. These places offer us the opportunity to become close to the divine and allow us to get closer to our own divine nature.
The objective of these walks is to get in touch with nature and to recognise the beauty of the oneness as expressed through nature and, through that beauty to come to a place of holiness and devotion to deepen the sense of oneness with God. We are also trying to reestablish the connection between humanity and the world of spirit, to reconnect with ancient places of worship. Where this connection is still strong to bathe in it and use it to deepen our spiritual experience. When this connection has become weak to help to re-empower it. We close in on the experience of nature to deepen our earth connection. The aim is to know the true underlying nature of all things.
When undertaking a sacred walk
– be mindful
– be open to the beauty
– be centred on the heart

These sacred walks include where possible an approach to the sacred site on foot through an area of natural beauty. The approach to the sacred site should include a period of meditation, prayer or contemplation ideally in nature. The walks also enable an appreciation of nature, so that we can approach God in two ways, through an appreciation of God as expressed though the natural world and then at the sacred site though a direct experience of the divine. The two experiences support and enhance each other. The interaction with nature and with the divine is always a two way process, giving and receiving. We should be open to both possibilities.

1. There is no right or wrong way to do this
2. The idea is to walk mindfully and to be in connection with nature.
3. Feel free to walk at your pace, stop and observe, feel the essence, whenever you want to.
4. Talk if you want to but respect others inner space.
5. If you can, before entering the sacred space prepare yourself, by meditating in beautiful natural setting.
6. On arriving just spend time exploring with the heart, not the mind.

Here are a number of recommended sacred walks.

Lud’s Church
Three Sacred Hills, Glastonbury
Pennant Melangell
Bardsey Island
Holy Island, Arran
Robin Hood’s Stride
Jennet’s Foss
World Peace Flame

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