Week 13 – Connection

This is the beginning of the second part of the course. The emphasis of the second part of the course is less about doing and more about being. There is nothing to do to connect and open up to Spirit but to accept that it is already there. In this respect the main emphasis for next four months of the course is surrender. Surrender is allowing ourselves to be filled by Spirit and surrendering to the experience of oneness. As we surrender we open up to the experience, which deepens and expands. This second part of the course is primarily experiential, so that we do not rely on trust and belief but on the direct experience of who we are.

“A special transmission outside the scriptures;
No dependence on words and letters;
Direct pointing to the mind;
Seeing into one’s own nature and realising Buddhahood.”
Anon – T’ang dynasty poem

Introduction to Connection
Until now the focus has been on our human nature, identifying how that part of us operates and recognising that we have another part that operates in a different way. Over the next four months we will develop awareness of our spiritual nature. All spiritual writings and teachings tell us the same thing, everything we seek is inside. Now we begin the search to find what is already there.
We begin by establishing our connection to Spirit, to become aware of the guidance within. It is not creating a connection, but increasing awareness of the connection we already have. This is the establishment of the inner teacher which guides and leads our development. The more we listen to the guidance, the more we trust and follow it.
This month is also about discernment. There are two voices speaking within us, the higher mind and the ego mind. We learn to differentiate between them and tell them apart. Next month we will be dealing with creativity and our ability to create the world we live in. Every thought we have is creating the world around us. In order to create the world of the higher mind we need to learn to choose between thoughts of the lower, ego, mind and those of the higher, spiritual, mind.
This month we start to understand how to access that higher mind and through the higher mind to connect to Spirit. We learn how to differentiate between the higher mind and the ego mind. Choosing between the higher and ego minds then becomes an on-going process which depends on commitment to our spiritual goal.
The nature of the higher mind and the ego mind are different. The ego mind is busy, chattering and unfocused. It creates a world of fear and uncertainty. The ego mind is defensive and protects its own self image. The higher mind is stiller and more peaceful, it is open and loving, it sees equality and peace. The higher mind, by its inherent nature is communal, in that it does not see itself separate but part of a larger being. As we spend longer in the higher mind we become more peaceful, open, loving and in communion with others.
This month as we start to become more aware of the connected higher mind, we need, above all, to have trust in our self. In the silence of the mind, the higher Spirit comes to us. In the stillness and the peace we can access that higher mind. Become quiet and listen, it is always there. Be open to inspiration and learn to trust and follow it.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Isaiah

Walking by the sea, sand under the toes, waves lapping at the feet, the wind blowing off the water and gentle spray, it is cool and dark but we know where we are. It isn’t loneliness, it is aloneness.
The moment of being alone with ourselves is very profound. It is the moment when all is available to us. It is not the moment of complete knowing, but the company of the inner self awakening. Nothing is left to chance. To know ourselves, fearful and private, our thoughts turned inward. We are alone so often but rarely by ourselves, sharing our own company. We avoid the silence, we avoid the aloneness, because we are afraid of what we might find when we are by ourselves. We might not like who we are. We might find that fears surface, exposing us to the sadness in our lives. We fill our lives with others, with music, television, radio, anything but silence and aloneness, because it is easier to hide in the mundanity of it all than to face ourselves.
Allow a few moments alone. Nothing we do is more important than this. It is only by knowing ourselves that we can grow. We seek to learn who we truly are but first we need to recognise who we think we are. Only by recognising who we think we are, and knowing that we start to see ourselves truly. All we learn at first is who we pretend to be, good and bad. Then we learn to undo those aspects of ourselves by looking beyond them. If we recognise the games we play, then we will learn which games we no longer want and replace them with our true nature.
Do we want to know who we really are? Do we want to know what lies behind the mask? Do we want to see the real self? Start with silence. Start by opening up. We do not need to be scared of exposing ourselves to another, of feeling vulnerable. We expose ourselves, to ourselves, by finding silence and listening within it. Find silence around us and the silence inside, but listen to what is there. It is us, the mask first, the persona, the ego afraid and vulnerable and then the real self. It is all there for us to discover. Wait in silence for the truth to appear. We will know it when we hear it.

Developing the Mind of the Heart
From The Light Bringer by White Eagle

The time has now come for you all to develop your sixth sense, which we call intuition. Humanity has for long concentrated upon the stimulation and development of intellect. This sixth sense, or ray of light, is destined to open for you the secrets of nature, of creation and all spiritual life and purpose. We ourselves work especially on this ray of intuition, the love-wisdom ray. And so when you and we and the company of spiritual brethren meet together in the inner sanctuary, we meet in love, desiring one of the most precious gifts of life – wisdom through love.

The unfoldment of the psychic or spiritual centres can be quickened by love in the heart, but development of love without knowledge is not enough. If you are only sending out love you can get into a complacent, dreamy state; but with the opening of the higher centres you can work with knowledge. Knowledge should be coupled with love, love with wisdom; it is necessary to develop the wisdom aspect. We know that all things can be done with love; bu if you do not get knowledge, love can be compared to the flower which has not opened. Strive for knowledge, strive for full consciousness and understanding of what you are doing in the higher planes.

In your meditation you are being taught how to bring the higher chakras to life; that is, how to open your consciousness to the pure, the spiritual level of life. This is the right way to unfold the inner faculties. The sixth sense, the intuition, functions from the heart centre. In meditation, in true contemplation of the deity and all that is holy you are opening up that centre. The safe way and the correct way for spiritual unfoldment is to work from the heart of love. The soul consciousness is situated in the brain. The divine spirit, we suggest dwells in the heart. You are opening the throat centre too, for pure speech and knowledge, knowledge which comes from the fifth sphere, the sphere of Mercury. With the development of the throat centre comes inspiration for speech

The One who is the light, the Christ within, lives in the heart centre. The physical organ – the heart – bears a sacred relationship to the spiritual centre in the etheric body situated over the heart. When death takes place, the divine spark, the seed atom of the spirit, is withdrawn from the heart. When this is understood, it can be readily accepted that the life of the spirit functions through the heart centre. It is called love. Your heart, then, is the centre of intuition.

As we speak to you, one great truth which occurs to you is the need to contact, not only mentally but spiritually, the eternal truths of life – a contact made with the mind of the heart. There are many ways of learning the inner mysteries, not necessarily through written or spoken words. If the soul can attune itself to higher planes of love and wisdom, the mind in the heart will absorb; and although the outer mind does not always immediately interpret the truth thus absorbed, nevertheless later the mind will begin to interpret and in time know great truths, for the heart does not register incorrectly. That which the heart absorbs is truth

Intuition comes like a flash, it is an inward knowing. The thing is to have courage to act on it: to be prepared for whatever it brings. The intuition can be developed in meditation, not through activity of the mind, but through quiet contemplation within the sanctuary of the heart.

Meditation Exercise – All the Centres

Ideally the meditation will be done in a seated position. Make yourself comfortable and check your physical posture. The back should be straight, the body relaxed, arms comfortably resting on your thighs or in your lap and the tongue should be resting on the roof of the mouth. Establish the breath. Observe your breathing. Start to quieten the mind. Once you feel settled move on to open.

Put the arms to the side to form a triangle. Raise your hands up to the light above your crown. Bring the light down to each chakra in turn, breathing in the light at each chakra, breathing out as you come down to the next chakra. As you breathe into each chakra consciously open it.
After the base chakra, once again bring your hands to your side, forming a triangle. See yourself in a pyramid of golden light and ask for protection from whoever or whatever you believe in.

Imagine yourself sitting on a lotus flower. This establishes your connection to Earth energy. Do this a few times, say 3 or 6, gradually tuning in and relaxing.

Bring your mind to the Tan Tien and breathe in and out through the chakra. You can visualise a candle flame in the hands and breathe in the warmth and light into the Tan Tien and then filling the body. For guidance this should be at least 9 breaths at every centre.

Repeat the above process at the Solar Plexus. The visualisation is a Golden Sun filling the Solar Plexus and then expanding around you.

Repeat again at the Heart. Once you have breathed in at the heart nine times then raise your hands to the heart level, palms upwards and the arms open (as though holding a large bowl). Here give thanks to Spirit, for guidance, support and love.

After opening the heart move up to the throat centre. If you want to use a visualisation, imagine a multifaceted jewel in the throat. Imagine filling the jewel with light and the light shining from the facets in all directions.

Come up to the third eye, breathe to that centre. If you want you can visualise a vertical third eye, in the centre of the forehead., remember that the centre is in the middle of the head, and breathe into that area.

Breathe to the crown centre. You can use a visualisation of a flower opening at the top of the head.

Return back to the heart. Just sit and be still. Focusing on the experience, in the heart and the other centres. Try not to think of anything, concentrate on the experience.

When ready return you mind to the Tan Tien and start to breathe more deeply. Try to hold onto the positive feeling and bring it back with you as you come back from your meditation.

Form a triangle and then raise the hands up to the crown. Breathing out and repeating the opening process but this time with the intent of closing.

At the heart, bow to give thanks.


The Third Eye centre
Often the third eye is thought of as a vertical eye in the centre of the forehead. This is a good image to work with but there is more to the third eye than this. Each of the chakras is in the centre of the body and has an opening at the front and the back. Usually these are horizontal so that the front and back are at the same level as the centre, but this is not the case with the third eye. The centre is just behind the eyes and that is one reason why we use the Inner Smile exercise which follows. The front of the chakra is in the centre of the forehead slightly forwards and upwards, hence the image of the vertical eye. The back of the chakra is at the base of the skull, the occiput. The overall feel is that the chakra is angled forwards and upwards.

One good exercise for the third eye is to close your eyes and look forwards and upwards through the forehead, as if looking towards a star. You may immediately feel the stimulation of the third eye centre.

Inner Smile
Inner smile is an ancient technique, which helps to bring healing and relaxation to various parts of the body. It is very easy, just bring the warmth of a smile to your eyes. It should feel like you are greeting a old friend, someone special that you haven’t seen for a long. Just feel the warmth in the eyes and behind the eyes. This is a simple technique that everyone can use. What many of us don’t realise that as we smile we are also stimulating the third eye centre and bringing a deep, often subconscious sense of oneness into that smile. It is an exercise everyone can use without considering it spiritual or otherwise.

Inner Smile Healing
There is an ancient inner smile exercise to bring the warmth of the smile to all the organs and muscles in the body both relaxing and healing. It has been adapted here, to be used to relax the body prior to meditation. This can be referred to as parking the body. The purpose is to relax the body so that it ceases to demand any attention. It can be used as a preparation technique prior to meditation.

When the body is parked, the basic chi flow through the body is still there but it is unconscious and does not need to be focussed on.

Sitting comfortably, in a good posture, suitable for meditation.

Feel the warmth of the smile in the eyes, and then feel it behind the eyes. It should feel like the sensation you get when smiling to an old dear friend. Let the warmth develop for a few seconds and then let the feeling of warmth slowly descend through the body relaxing muscles as it does. Take your time feeling the warmth in an area before moving on. The sequence should be flexible, but should be something like: eyes, jaw and mouth, throat and neck, shoulders ad upper back, heart and lungs, arms, wrists and hands, chest muscles (softening the breath), spine, lower back, abdominal area, buttocks, legs, ankles and feet.

Feel the tension drain out of the body into the earth. Remain for a while. Then let go of any negative emotions, such as fear, jealousy, anger and imagine them draining out of the body and into the earth too. Finally let go of any negative thoughts, judgements of others, prejudices etc. Let them drain into the earth too.

Relax and stay in the feeling of relaxation for as long as possible. Finish by imagining new refreshing energy rising up from your feet to the Tan Tien, filling the Tan Tien and then extending to the whole of the body.