Week 18 – Creating with God

Heart Thinks
We cannot too strongly emphasise the power of thought. You think that thought is something private – that no-one can read human thoughts; but truly there is no covering to thought. It is heard, it is seen and moreover it often has a dynamic power, as you have yet to learn. Your thoughts are either helping the world to enlightenment, or are holding back the progress of humanity. From The Light Bringer by White Eagle

Ultimately creativity comes from the heart. It is what we want in our heart that really matters. It is this aspect of creativity we have come to learn. Creativity from the heart is easy, effortless.
When love flows constantly from the heart, then everything in our life flows. When we create with anything other than love we create against ourselves. We are always creating, it only becomes a choice of where we are creating from. Are we creating from our true self or our ego self? Are we creating what we really are or what we are not?
We do not try to create, it is in our inherent nature. We cannot not create, it becomes only a choice of what we choose to create.
When we surrender, we are choosing from the heart. When we surrender it is the heart that tells us what we choose. The heart leads us to know what we truly want, what gives us joy, peace, happiness and not what brings us pain and suffering. We feel it in the heart and we create from the heart. Our words and actions follow from the heart felt desire. The more we focus on the heart our creativity flows from that heart felt desire. It is our greatest tool, it is where we find who we really are.
Peacefulness, deep inner peace, without disturbance. Waiting without expectation, no disturbance of that deep connection. Everything is easy when we are in this state, pain free, not physical pain but the pain that grasping and longing brings.
“It is what your heart thinks that is important. What your heart thinks sets off a chain reaction that cannot be stopped.”
It is where our heart is, not where our mind is that really matters. It is not what our mind wants but what our heart wants that creates the chain reaction, the creative power that is unstoppable. Our mind power is creative, but not unstoppable, it can be derailed by others, who challenge or disrupt or oppose our creativity, but heart driven creativity cannot be disrupted.
The creative power of the heart mind, that is what the inner soul really wants, is pure, unsullied, clear and bright. The heart is not capable of non-loving thought, it is always in line with our highest good and therefore the world’s highest good. It is this focus, this clarity and purity that makes it unstoppable. Focus on the highest good for all involved in the creative process. Clarity of true purpose, beyond human expectation, no longer attaching to any solution. Purity in thought, untainted by any ego, self centred thinking, connected to the light.
The heart mind is where we truly are, connected to the truth. The mind can create all sorts of alternatives but if the heart is focused on its truth that is where the outcome will be.
The chain reaction is made up of events seen and unseen. Nothing will interrupt the flow, one after another like dominoes falling. Once in progress it will not be stopped.

Creative Inspiration
By tapping into the universal creative force to create what we desire in our hearts at the same time we are effectively agreeing to reciprocate by participating in the creativity of the universe. The creative force in the universe starts to flow through us, it comes to us as inspiration. We choose whether or not we follow that inspiration with words and action.
Slowly relaxing and letting the flow come, the mind is slower, the inner self is slower and more deliberate than the mind. It is not a slowness of thought, just a lack of need for urgency. The mind is full of thoughts and they need to keep coming repeatedly, one to be creative and secondly to be effective in stopping the inner self from speaking. By drowning out the quietness the mind can dominate purely because there is no space to listen.
It is in the stillness that the thoughts from the inner self reveal themselves. Each one getting brighter and clearer until the connection is made and flowing.
Creativity is a wonderful thing. When the mind is flowing and creative there is no stopping it, but is that creativity for the highest good or just the mind creating its own reality. When inspiration comes, it comes out like a torrent, no stopping it, no slowing down until it is complete. Although the mind is clearly involved and the pace of thought is fast and clear it still feels like guidance and highest good because of the purity and clarity of the flow. It is like an artist or a musician, they long for that flow of creativity. In the meantime they can go through the motions of putting brush to paper or writing down the notes, but the flow of inspiration is different.
Inspiration is the start of the creative process, although only the outline is produced it is the whole picture and it is in balance. It is clear what is needed for success and what will cause failure. It is that wholeness and balance which feels good and feels right. It is not the smallness that is part of the connection it is the feeling of completeness that makes the vision feel that it comes from a divine source and not from the mind. Like all divine guidance it uses our brain, our mind, our experience and our thought process. It can only use what we have to use. An artist can only paint with the colours and textures that are available, they can only draw what they have observed, they can only use their experience, even if it is their own visual experience, to create a work of inspiration.
The creative process should not be interrupted, it should be allowed to flow to its conclusion, do not stop it early, it is so precious when it is there that it should take priority over everything. It helps us to understand the determination and focus of truly inspired people because they are being given something so precious and beautiful that they long to make use of it while it is there.
We should recognise the difference between that inspiration and the hard work to create something when the inspiration is not there. The ease of the flow of creation can’t be doubted, the difficulty of the mind to re-create that flow is obvious. When we no longer are inspired by what we do or we no longer need to fulfill that role, the work will seem like drudgery because there is so little inspiration and so much time spent in the mind trying to make it happen. When we are inspired we are joyous. Creativity is a joyous process, everything seems to flow. Once it is finished we can contemplate and work on the inspiration, put the inspiration into practice. Because creativity is inspiring we can continue to work and be motivated by something for a long time after the creativity has taken place. That is because we can re-feel that inspiration whenever we think about and activate that thought process again and also because we are inspired.
Creativity is fascinating. The more connected and open we are the quicker the creation. Sometimes the creativity relies on action to show that the inspiration is trusted and make the opportunities happen, so that creativity can work. It is not a test of the Spirit to see if it happens, it is a test of trust to see if we believe in the inspiration.
Inspiration and creativity are slightly different. Inspiration comes from the Spirit inside but it relies on external activity and enthusiasm to make it happen. We can give it up to Spirit but it usually requires some impetus from us to give it the momentum to make it happen. This is where we have a choice, we do not have to follow our inspiration, if we do not want to.
Creativity is a different aspect of the same thing but it is the Universal Energy’s part in the creative process. We put out to the universe our thoughts, desires and needs, balanced by our highest good. The universe will bring itself to bear to create the elements needed to make it happen, assuming that it is meant to happen. One of those elements might be something that we need to do and there again we have the choice of whether to complete or not.
Inspiration is only the start of creativity. Following the inspiration the creation has to become a reality or else it becomes merely a dream. So many people are inspired but do not take the next steps to make that inspiration into a reality. They spend their time reveling in the feeling of the inspiration but never turning it into reality. These are our dreams, our hopes and ambitions, which remain unfulfilled unless we take positive steps to turn them into reality.
Inspiration is the first step. Inspiration is the initial impulse to move us from our inertia. We learn to feel and recognise our connection, our inspiration, and to use them to create our reality but we need to move forward from there into the next stages of the creative process which is action in some form or another. It does not have to be immediate, it can be long term action, like a training course, to get where we need to be, but action is necessary.
Following inspiration we stop awhile to contemplate what we need to do to move forward. Do not waste time. Too much contemplation can be wasteful. Choose the action and then move on. The creative process will not be hard work. The creative environment should appreciate that so much can be done so quickly. It is the results not the time that matter. Effective use of time can be so important. The full use of time of inspiration. Quick contemplation of action and then move on, to either complete the action or to something else until the action can be completed.

Image of God
To extend is a fundamental aspect of God which He gave to His Son. In the creation, God extended Himself to His creations and imbued them with the same loving will to create. You have not only been fully created, but have also been created perfect. There is no emptiness in you. Because of your likeness to your Creator you are creative. A Course In Miracles

Creativity is a reminder of who we really are, it reminds us that we were created in God’s image. The ability to create is fundamental to our being it is inherent in all human beings because it reflects that we are created in God’s image. As a Course in Miracles says “Even in miscreation the mind is affirming its Source.”
By acknowledging this creative ability within ourselves we are also acknowledging that we are created in God’s image. With this acknowledgement also comes the recognition that what God created in His image was also created perfect. We choose to see the perfect aspect of ourselves which is our soul quality, and therefore to look beyond our perception of ourselves as flawed human beings living in a world of lack.
As we grow in love, peace and joy we grow in our perception of our true nature. As we learn to express our creativity from love and abundance, rather than from fear and lack, we continue to increase our spiritual awareness.
Once we start to consciously participate in the creative force in the world and we choose to operate from our heart, then we are starting to become part of the universal flow. Once we start to create from the heart then we become inspired by the universe and change and opportunity flows into our life.
In the end creativity is not about making something, it is about being part of something. It is about accepting yourself as you really are. It is returning to your true nature, once more with God and once more becoming part of the universal life force.

Meditation Exercise – The Flow of Love
Sitting quietly, with the feet on the ground, feel the connection to the earth energy. Imagine you are sitting on a lotus flower, the stem of which is deep into the earth. Feel as though there are roots, sinking deep into the earth from the soles of the feet. Imagine the earth energy rising through the ankles, knees and hips up to the abdominal region, around the navel. Feel the strength of the earth energy in this region. Feel the connection of the earth and this region. Feel that they are not connected but a single energy.
Keep the mind still and quiet. Feel a light drawing you up by the top of the head, the crown centre. Imagine the light shining down through the crown into the head and shoulders. Feel the energy inside the head. Feel that you are connected to the universal energy. Feel that it is not a connection but a single energy.
Bring the attention to the heart. Relax into the heart. Imagine the energy of earth and heaven merging at the heart. There is no need to try to do anything at the heart other than relax. The more we relax into the heart the more the centre opens and expands. Feel the energies merge and relax into the experience sinking deeper and deeper into the heart with every breath. Consciously breathe heaven and earth into the heart and breathe out relaxing and allowing the heart to expand. As the heart expands we are expressing our divinity into the world.
When you are ready to go deeper into the experience add an additional breath. Breathe in from heaven and earth into the heart. Relax into the heart as you breathe out. Then breathe back into the heart and relax as you breathe out to heaven and earth. As you breathe back into the heart, surrender, be open to receive. Allow yourself to be loved. As you breathe out to heaven and earth feel gratitude for the support and nurturing of the earth and for the love of heaven.
After a few breaths stop breathing consciously, become still and observe. Become aware of the energy flowing through the body. Feel at one with the earth, feel that all humanity is one with the earth. Feel at one with heaven, feel that we are all part of the same source. Feel the open heart, expanded and receptive, feel the same experience of love in everybody. We are all one.

Exercise – Luxury
From the Artists Way by Julia Cameron

In order to thrive as artists – and one could argue as people – we need to be available to the universal flow. When we put a stopper on our capacity for joy by anorectically declining the small gifts of life we turn aside the larger gifts as well.

What gives us true joy? That is the question to ask concerning luxury, and for each of us the answer is very different. For Berenice the answer is fresh raspberries. She laughs at how easily pleased she is. She can buy her abundance at the supermarket. They cost between $1.98 and $4.50 depending on season. “I always tell myself they are too expensive but the truth is that’s a bargain for a week of luxury.” For Alan, music is the great luxury, he began exploring and bought gospel, country and western, Indian drum music. For Laura, a dime store set of watercolour paints .

Creative living requires the luxury of time, which we carve out for ourselves – even if its fifteen minutes for quick morning pages. Creative living requires the luxury of space for ourselves even if all we manage is to carve out one special bookshelf for ourselves.

This month we will allow ourselves a little luxury. Treat ourselves each week to something that gives us simple pleasure. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Just something that brings us pleasure which we previously have denied ourselves. It might not even cost us anything, it might just be giving ourselves the luxury of time.

Exercise – Abundance
Somewhere, where it will not be disturbed, create an altar, with two bowls, one for money coming in and one for money going out. This can be cash, cheques etc, but could also be pay slips and bills. Every time you receive money or pay money out, put it into the relevant bowl with a sense of gratitude and appreciation. You don’t need to spend long, but the act is an acknowledgement to the Universe of your appreciation of the flow of money through your life. It is as important to appreciate money going out as much as money coming in, acknowledging your ability to pay. This is no a place to store bills etc. clear them off the altar a few days after paying or receiving them.
Exercise: A day of Silence

Try to give yourself some time for yourself to surrender to the flow of the universe and create your hopes and desires. Spend some time in silence and in nature, allowing yourself to connect to the natural world and to your deep desires.

Try to be silent, trying not to think, and being connected. Spend time reflecting, contemplating and connecting. Treat this time as a precious gift for yourself. Follow your intuition.

We are always creating, every thought every word and every action creates the reality we perceive. We cannot stop creating because that is who we are.
Creativity is an insight into our true nature. We need to recognise our creative ability and our power. In recognition of this we start to become careful about what we think, say and do. We catch ourselves whenever a negative thought, word or action takes place. We learn to quickly undo what we have just created.
It is easy to underestimate our creative ability. It is almost impossible to comprehend our creative power. When we align our thoughts, words and actions and at the same time align them to the unifying creative power, then the creative force is unimaginable. Even little thoughts, goals and objectives aligned to universal power are, almost incredibly, fulfilled. The process and power of creativity, and our role within that, are miraculous. We start to align our thoughts, words and actions to the universal plan by creating from the heart.
We positively create what we want in our lives. As we develop our creativity we take responsibility for everything we think, say and do we increasingly recognise the profound responsibility we have as creatures of creativity. Creativity reminds us who we really are, that we are created in God’s image.