Week 20 – Loving Others

Those who would free their brothers from the body can have no fear. They have renounced the means for sin by choosing to let all limitations be removed. As they desire to look upon their brothers in holiness, the power of their belief and faith sees far beyond the body, supporting vision, not obstructing it. But first they choose to recognise how much their faith has limited their understanding of the world, desiring to place its power elsewhere should another point of view be given to them. The miracles that follow this decision are also born of faith. For all who choose to look away from sin are given vision, and are led to holiness.
A Course In Miracles

Love the world and all that it encompasses. Love all the textures of life in its variety. Love the way the world steps up to offer us the challenges that we need. Observe the way that the world unites to provide the experiences we need to achieve our highest goal. Every time we incarnate we have the opportunity for enlightenment. Every time the opportunity and experiences are given to us to gain our highest goal. The opportunities will be re-presented until we take them and learn from them.
People who are stuck in repeating cycles in their lives are not learning the lesson being offered to them. There are no sins only mistakes. We cannot fail in what we are doing, only lose time. If we do not learn the lesson this time, we will learn it next, or the time after or the time after that.
It is not necessary to analyse the truth in everything but where we feel we have failed to achieve our highest potential in a situation we can learn a lesson and offer it up to Spirit for correction. We can define for ourselves what we must do. There should be action to achieve greater clarity the next time the lesson is offered until the lesson is fully learnt. Spirit gently corrects our mis-perceptions and errors and our strange misinterpretations of the truth. We go forward together, with Spirit at our side.
We need our brothers to offer us the opportunity to learn something, to learn that each person we meet is truly holy and to see that in them. We face each person afresh each day, until we perceive them differently. We continue to do so, every meeting with people offers this opportunity. Even if we just glance at them in a street we can choose how to perceive them, as their holy self or through human eyes. Spirit is there to help us to correct our perception when we judge them through our own eyes.
When we meet anyone, we look deeply inside ourselves and feel their heart with our heart, feel their emotions with our emotions. Avoid the physical signals and the past which turns us off to judge them with human eyes. Use our internal body to judge them with Spirit’s eyes and see them as Spirit sees them, as whole and perfect and part of the Sonship of God.

Removing the Barriers
Nothing is beyond us. Not ‘me’, for as soon as we go deep we lose the barriers between us too, and all our triumphs are that, ours not mine. We succeed together. Every success is a success for us all. We are one.
Closely we taste each other, we become each other until there is no separation, no boundaries, no distance separates us. We feel each other across the ocean until we feel close together as one.
There are no limits, only those we impose on ourselves. We reach out and touch, we merge, the feeling is sublime, subliminal. Nothing is separate and apart. We know each other’s joy and pain, nothing is hidden.
The touch of the mind creates an opportunity to be as one, as never before. It creates a door between us, which is opened by the heart, so that we feel the creative process unblocking the remaining limitations, freeing us from our constraints beyond the physical association. Nothing constrains us from being together.
Love is the sensation we describe, but we seek unity. That is the sensation, oneness, the experience of being united with another soul. Human love, is the glimpse of that unity, that oneness, but cannot fulfill it. What we describe as love is our deepest desire for spiritual fulfillment. We are not spiritually fulfilled alone. We can only be fulfilled in unity with another soul. We seek on our spiritual journey to find ourselves, but we fulfill our spiritual journey by finding another.
That other does not have to be our partner or our soul mate, it is the one in whom we see all barriers fall away, theirs and ours, so that we stand naked before them. Bare of all the problems and issues we have created, bare of all illusion and pretense, bare of all the physical imperfections that we see. We stand there as we are, in purity and light. Humble before each other, there is nothing left to hide away from, because all fears, hopes and ambitions have been removed.
We stand there in purity together, seeing each other in perfection. We spread out from our core. Our feeling is one of love, divine love, a reflection of human love but clear. It is as though we have been looking in the lake, to see the mountains. The picture is blurred by the water’s movement. But when we look, in perfection, at the mountains themselves, everything is suddenly clear and bright. This is how divine love compares to the human love we have experienced.
Our human feeling, if satisfied by spiritual rather than physical joining, expresses our sublime experience. We are one, not two striving to be one.
When we see the beloved in everyone, we are offering ourselves for the experience of unity. We are creating the opportunity for others to open the door between us. We need to learn to be pure in our offering so that the purity is able to be returned. We do not need to seek the physical gratification. The more we open ourselves to the beloved in everything and everybody the more we create the opportunity for that divine expression of love.
We seek to know ourselves truly so that we may experience divine connection. “When more than one are gathered in my name.” That is when we experience true love.

Love is not selective, just as the light of the sun is not selective. It does not make one person special. It is not exclusive. Exclusivity is not the love of God but the “love” of the ego. However the intensity with which true love is felt can vary. There may be one person who reflects your love more clearly and more intensely than others, and if that person feels the same toward you, it can be said that you are in a love relationship with him or her. The bond that connects you with that person is the same bond that connects you with the person sitting next to you on a bus, or with a bird, a tree, a flower. Only the degree of intensity with which it is felt differs. From the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

There is Only Love
“By my Works so shall ye know me.”

It is what we do that matters, it is how we conduct ourselves in life and how we live our lives that shows the world who we are. Our family judge us differently. They see us not as we appear to the outside world, but with all the pre-judgement of our life’s works. They see us more deeply. Our fears and our hopes rest so much more openly on our shoulders with our close family.
Something stirs more deeply inside with our close teachers, our fears and hopes still remain. We remain attached to the outcome. More than anywhere else we still want to love and bring happiness to our family. We find it much harder to let go. Something stands in our way. Our closeness brings attachment and fear. Fear that we might not do the best for them that they might have a hard life. Fear is always there.
Our hardest work, our deepest teaching comes from our family. It is to them that we look for our deepest lessons. The answer to all the lessons is love, not fear. We need to love despite our attachments, despite the past pain and despite knowing all the faults and weaknesses. We need to see beyond our close knowledge to the truth. It is with friends and relations that we learn the deepest levels of truth.
Fear needs to be overcome. Let it be overcome today. Put aside all problems and all fears and let the fear be still. Go quietly to our family, be still awhile with them and see the truth, not the problems. As we feel love we give love and as we give love we receive love.
It seems to be easy to give love to our family, but we are talking about true love, of the heart, not of the mind. We are talking about opening the heart and feeling that truth, not just saying we love with our mind.
When we say we love with our mind, we still believe it, but it is a love of shared interests and shared beliefs, common thoughts, hopes and aspirations. When we love with our heart, we are loving the truth inside each other. We are saying with our heart that we see all the faults, all the pain and still see beyond it to the truth inside. Heart love has no doubts, no ifs or buts, no half felt problems, no niggles or issues. Heart love is complete and totally open. It has no judgement, it sees beyond all human failings to truth.
Sometimes we can do this with those we do not know very well, because it is easy to see only the positive side of the people that we meet, but with those with whom we are close it becomes so hard to do because we see, with our human mind, everything that the person is. We open our heart to love and all the personality steps away. In every action we bring love to the pain and we bring love to the relationship.
It is with our closest that we seek to feel this heartfelt love, a holy relationship, heart to heart, no barriers. It is here that we reach our destiny. We look beyond the pain of our growth, we look past all the lessons that we have experienced and look at the truth that we have learnt and we just be.
We open our hearts together. We stand together in truth. The light shines brightly.

Love is a knowing; a pure understanding. It knows that all are whole, regardless of their appearance or delusion, and it gives of itself wholly, without judgement, without recognising the difference between this relationship or that. It understands that there is only one real relationship and it is the one we all share, the Self that is beyond the thought or the idea of love, the holy encounter of life with life. The secret of unconditional love is that we are all the same, holy beyond imagination. This is what the release of fear reveals. This is what you will find when you open your heart to every element of creation. From The Emissary of Light by James Twyman.

Exercise – The Face of Holiness
When we look at another person we see someone who appears to be separate from us. They have a body, that is different from our own, and a personality that makes them seem unique. And though these differences make it easy for us to relate to the world that we have created, we are called to ask a question that is deeper, more profound than the ego’s perception. The question is “Is there a reality beneath the surface that is more essential than the world of bodies and personalities?” Can we put our total faith in that reality? The answer to both questions is yes.
“The secret of unconditional love is that we are all the same, holy beyond imagination.”
Now we will focus on seeing the Holiness within people and learn to trust that holiness within them. As with the rest of this course you are not asked to do this alone, you are stating your desire and intent to see the Holiness and allowing Spirit to develop that awareness within you.
The face of holiness is very different to the physical face, it does not have a body. It is, in fact, just behind your perception of the body, the light that lies behind the eyes.
As often as you can this month, look at the person in front of you and decide to see the face of Holiness. Look into their eyes and think
“I trust the truth within you”
You can do this within a space of two seconds, without them even knowing. Just smile at them, and they will smile back for, subconsciously, they will realise that you are giving them a great gift. They will sense the energy in the gaze and that energy will return to bless you as well. That is the key, you cannot give anything without receiving it, because we are all one.