Week 27 – God in Form (Nature)

There are three aspects of personal experience. The earth is in us. The earth is an expression of God in form. When we are moved by the beauty of the world it is the physical expression of God that we marvel at. The miraculous growth and beauty of nature is an expression of God. This expression of God is within us, and all human beings. Demonstrate a love for the beauty of the earth and recognise the God like expression of nature.

The light is in us. The light is an expression of God as non-form. It is the expression of God as spiritual being. This light, and its acceptance within us, allows for the creative power of God to be expressed through us. To see man as truly reflecting God’s image, an acceptance of the Spirit as the means, within each of us, to communicate with God. Our essential nature is spiritual.

The earth and light merge within us to bring together the aspects of God in form and non-form, to re-unify what have never been apart. For a short time we are able to draw together into wholeness. This merging is a heart expression. It is the expression of wholeness as love, peace, joy and compassion.

Both heaven and earth should be appreciated. Not just the spiritual but the physical life. Life is a choice of where to come from and in action we apply the lessons of spirit. Our path is a spiritual path. As individual, intellectual we are weak, as One we are inconceivably powerful. Our path is to appreciate the life we live in all its inconsistencies but the role in life is to bring awareness of the spiritual to others, to do God’s work. Yet this too must be balanced. It must never become an overriding obsession it must be balanced with time for self growth and spiritual connection. In all we do we express the divine, in simplicity and in teaching to express the divine nature.

Why is nature so important? Why does spending time deepening the relationship with nature make such a difference? We know God as Spirit, but God as form reminds us of an underlying truth, that we too are an expression of God, not only in an esoteric spiritual sense but as a physical representation.

No striving, there is no need to strive to get there. There is no less determination but the desire has gone, replaced by a certainty and assuredness.

When we see the world as an expression of God, there is another step to take, to accept that we too are an expression of God, not only in spirit but also our physical form. We have a unique ability to bring together these expressions of God back into Oneness. We bring together God expressed as form and God expressed as Spirit into a single unit. Here is the expression of God, form and non-form merge into unity. We are able to experience God.

There is a simplicity found in nature. Nature does not try, does not strive, and does not need to pretend to be something. Nature changes without effort, it replenishes and repairs, healing itself. Nature is unending it changes and transforms but never ceases. In time even after great devastation it recovers and heals. This quality of nature is within us also. Nature teaches us to be as we are and to change naturally. It teaches us not to strive or strain. It teaches us to heal. It teaches us that our beauty is natural, not perceived or bought.

Appreciation of God in Form
This is not only appreciation of nature, but appreciation of mankind. While we can see the ugliness of man’s creations, contrasted to the beauty of nature we can also appreciate the sublime creativity that man is capable of. In art and in life we can observe the creative expression of man in a godlike way.
Yet the appreciation of mankind is not only of the creative expression at its most beautiful, but of man in the most basic of form and circumstances. To truly appreciate God in form we seek an appreciation of man in all circumstances. This is clearly much more difficult and a process of change and contemplation are usually needed.
The greatest difficulty with mankind is the reflection of ones own nature. We do not easily see the beauty because we know the darkness which reflects our own. Yet now we experience the great advantage and the great opportunity. Now is the opportunity for divine Spirit to assist and support. Now the difficulty of the task is balanced by the opportunity for the tool.
This is why it is such a challenge, because the opportunity is so great. Yes it requires awareness. Yes it needs focus, but behind there is the opportunity to use, and thus to be open and aware of divine Spirit. Now it is only a question of choice. Now it is only a question of whether we choose to see the perfection.
Now we understand why this is such an important step for man, to comprehend the nature of brotherhood, for that is exactly what we seek here. It is not the knowledge of brotherhood that we gain but the intimacy of divine Spirit. We do not only know ourselves through this process but we know ourselves in contrast to our openness and connection to divine Spirit.

Nothing Unreal Exists
What is not part of the Oneness, does not exist. Yet this body has a purpose. Its purpose is to allow the experience and to act as a means of communication i.e. so the experience of Oneness can be shared. It is our perception that the body and spirit are different but co-residing. But this is how we perceive the world from a separate viewpoint.

We need to approach spirituality from a different perception, not from being separate but from being whole. From the point of view of wholeness the body is not separate. We have already acknowledged the connection of our spiritual self, but this is different. This is saying that our physical form is also part of the Oneness. So now we can express the qualities of wholeness of God in form. All living things have the quality of God within them. While seeing the body and spirit as separate helps us to approach, to close the gap. Form and non-form the physical and the spiritual, are really the same.

We do not worship form, but learn to appreciate it. We learn to look after and care for the body. Chi kung helps us to unfold the capabilities of the body as a means of communication. Meditation helps us to unfold the spiritual nature of the mind. We learn to merge God within us, God in form and God in non-form back into wholeness. Yet God was never separate in the first place. But what we are capable of is experiencing God, through the merging of form and non-form.
Yes the physical form itself is transient, but the energy within form is continuous and unlimited. Everything is in a natural cycle and our bodies too form part of that cycle, but in the cycle energy is maintained and continues in other forms.

Everything is balanced, in spirituality we react and respond to the world through the heart. We connect to God both through the light and through the earth, connecting to God in both form and non-form. We express this light into the world through the heart with a feeling of unconditional love. There is an equal and balancing energy returning from the world to us. This is received back at the heart. Our role is to be open, to accept this reflected light for us.

What is it that we are accepting. This is not the love of heaven directly, that is felt at the crown, nor is it the energy of the earth. But it is how the world responds to us at a spiritual level. This is the light of earth and heaven expressed through others, either consciously or subconsciously. Energy flows through every living thing and, even if we are not consciously aware of it, is expressed through the heart. By being open to it we are allowing ourselves to accept this expressed energy i.e we are seeing the perfection or soul quality in others or in nature.

Experiencing Truth
“God is the centre around which the world revolves. Our heart is the centre around which our world revolves. Without the heart we have nothing.”

Truth is beyond human comprehension, we can touch on it but we cannot comprehend the vastness of what it is. We can find analogies to help us to explain and to motivate us but we cannot know the truth in human form.

As spirit we can experience the truth and as we connect to Spirit it allows us to experience it here on Earth, but we are still limited in our ability to express it, because it is an experience and not something that can be achieved vicariously, that is nobody can experience it for us and convey to us that experience.

We can only experience it for ourselves. We long for that experience, we yearn for it, and we try too hard to achieve it. It is not a matter of achievement, which implies some competitive element, it is only a matter of doing, or undoing. It is very simple to have the experience of the truth, but it is that simplicity which makes it difficult. We talk about undoing and we need to remove all the effort that we make part of us in order to simplify ourselves, so much that we see and experience directly, taking away our intellectual blockages, our competitiveness, in order to simply be the truth.

We find it so difficult to just be. If we could, we would find truth. We need to strip away our concepts of self and separation, to stand here naked and in humility, before the world, naked, not physically, but emotionally and energetically, naked of all the concepts of who we are. In humility we come before our maker. We know that we are no more important than a blade of grass and we are just another piece of the universal jigsaw, no more important than any other piece.
Our naked self stands before God in purity of thought, not thinking, but absent of thought, experiencing everything that is, without a sense of ego or self, absolutely naked and open to all the sensate feelings that we are capable of. Every sense is alert, physically and energetically, aware not only of our physical senses but of the universal connection, aware of our deeper connection.