Week 28 – Descend Pretend Ascend

It is just a different perspective, a human being raising up to God, a spiritual being descending to experience. We go beyond pretending to be who we are, to realising who we are. Our perception of ourselves is one of a human body striving to reach up to God. We live our lives and find time to meditate, to pray, to raise ourselves up to God. We seek to find our spiritual nature, to experience our oneness, to return to our true selves. Yet we return to our lives and our recognition of our humanity.

To see clearly is just a change of perception. What if it was the other way around, what if we just saw it differently? As we leave our state of awareness of our true selves, as we leave behind our feeling of unity and connection, then we are allowing ourselves to return to the human experience. We return in order to experience our density and heaviness, but also in order to lift up the heaviness when we return once again.

We are a spiritual being. We allow ourselves to dip into the pain, the frustration, the separation of humanity and to lift that pain up to God. There is no difference in the process but an enormous difference in the perception of reality. No longer do we need to seek for something which we do not have, we just return to truth. The desire and awareness is taken away, we come into humanity and we allow ourselves to experience pain and suffering in order to lift that suffering back to where it doesn’t belong and can no longer exist. We take that suffering away.

Pretend to be enlightened. Pretend to be the truth. We are God, God is everything, so we are part of God. The world breathes. God descends into humanity, pretends to be what we are, and then ascends. We are God descended. We can choose what we pretend to be, God ascends again enlightened by the experience.

When we pretend, we can be whatever we want to be, but if we are not being what we really are then life always feels as though something is missing. We can play the game but we will always, deep down, know that we are only pretending. Yet we can pretend to be what we are. We can pretend to be an unlimited, expansive being that is temporarily given the opportunity to experience through a physical body. We can only feel fulfilled when we pretend to be what we are. We are always pretending, playing a role, pretending to be something or somebody, but one choice is to pretend to be what we are. To know what we are, is to be. To be completely still and quiet, connected and open. We experience our true nature. This is our path, the path to open up our Being. The other, complementary path is to pretend to be what we are. This is different, yet the same. When we Be, we are. When we pretend to be, we are. There is no difference in the result, merely the approach.

If we are going to spend our life playing a game, pretending, then why not choose to be who we are and therefore to feel fulfilled. The twin paths merge in the centre. The path of awakening and opening, through meditation, chi kung and exercise, allowing ourselves to experience our true nature. The other path is pretending. Yet once we experience it is easier to pretend. A glimpse, a moment of enlightenment enables us to know what we pretend to be. We pretend to be what we are. We pretend the truth. We experience what we are. Our pretense gets to be more real closer to the truth.

Exercise 1
Spend some time, say half an hour to start with, pretending to be enlightened. In stillness, open hearted and in silence, walk into the world and see it as though enlightened. See everything through the eyes of a young child, as though discovering everything for the first time. Whenever you meet someone, look into their eyes to see the perfection in them, as you pretend it in yourself. Afterwards sit and contemplate your perfection, recognise that what you pretend is true.

Exercise 2
Sitting in silence, still and grounded, work with your breath. Breathe in through the crown, imagine that God descends into you. Breathe out from the heart, express your holiness into the world. Breathe in to the heart, be filled with the experience of beauty in the world. Breathe out upwards, feel as though you are returning to your source. Continue for as long as you feel able. Sit in the experience of being your true self. Just for a second we can touch this.

All our practice helps us. The process of undoing lets us be free to experience it, and having experienced it we can choose what to do next. We can return to our self to create the opportunity for others or we can choose to continue in spirit, in one form or another. Just one moment of bliss is all we need to be sure of ourselves, as we truly are. No more do we need to know ourselves in any other way. We create our reality from that moment on, in the knowledge of the truth about ourselves, safe in the knowledge of our place in the world, sure of ourselves as part of the whole.

“The earth is in me, the light is in me, there is nothing else. The middle, the centre, the amalgamation of the two. There is no me, nothing else.”