Week 32 – Completion

This is the end of the course. Congratulations, for coming this far. Just take a moment to consider what we have done together, where we have come from and how we have changed. Acknowledge how well we have done to get here.
This is not really the end, just a point of transition. Now is the time to consider where we are and where we go next. We consider our continued growth towards self realisation, our purpose in life, and how we move forward towards completion.
There is also a final aspect of teaching, to help us to sustain our continued focus. This teaching, is fundamental to this course, it is that self realisation is possible in this lifetime. This course has been working to this goal, not at some future time, not in the next lifetime, or the one after that, but in this lifetime. We have the tools we need. In Spirit, we have the teacher we need. Take a moment to reflect on how far we have come, in such a short time, and imagine how far we can go in the years ahead. Acknowledge what has already been achieved.
Life now becomes a process of learning and changing, constantly clearing away. At the same time we spend time in God’s presence raising our prayer to be at one. This is the fundamental basis of this course to establish a continuous process of change and the ability to be at one with God.

Alpha and Omega
There is nothing to do. Nothing needs to be done. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. We start in simplicity with no understanding and no complexity and we start to learn. We learn and learn, ever more complex, ever more striving to find the goal. Yet until we stop searching and do nothing we will not find it. The simplicity of the beginning is the simplicity of the end, we start with nothing and we end with nothing, yet without learning we do not appreciate what we have.

Unless we have gone through the process of learning and then of realising that we do not need to learn, we do not appreciate what or where we are. In innocence we start and in innocence we finish, yet our final innocence understands the value of what we have. Without learning we do not have value. Alpha and Omega, we have to give it away to appreciate that it has no value for us. When we start we have nothing yet we desire to have something. When we finish we have nothing yet we also know that something has no value, we have lost that desire.

The states are the same yet different. If we could appreciate nothing at the start that we are already there, We fundamentally never change. We add and subtract from nothing to return to nothing. We always return to nothing.

The end is the consequence of the beginning. That is the outcome is certain. The means is merely continuous intent, nothing more. All that is required is continuous focus on the goal, everything else is done. We focus on the goal and we participate, we fulfil. From the initial sprint to the final fire the consequence is assured.

All the qualities of holiness arise from the journey. As the journey progress so the qualities are consequential. We do not have to pretend. Holiness is an outcome not a pre-requisite.

To pretend to be holy is an ego game. To be holy is a result. The difference in presentation is subtle, but obvious. It is why we ca challenge every belief, every moral stance, because all are pretense.

Peacefulness arises as we become one. Love expands and the light fills us. Compassion arises as we perceive the truth in others. Gratitude is the result of completion.

This course aims to establish a process of change. A continuous change through daily life. It is a change from singularity to wholeness. As we recognise who we are the qualities of wholeness arise. The perspective of wholeness brings with it Love, peace, joy and compassion. We do have to bring them in, they arise. They are the result.

The process of change involves the practical experience of being whole, being part of the oneness. This process is the means. Our part is to maintain the focus and to participate. Our choice is only the level and quality of our focus and participation. The tools, the practice are means of maintaining focus, they help us experience and encourage us. They help us to believe in what we are doing. Yet the truth is that only continuous intent and active participation are required. Every journey is different. We choose tools and paths which give us joy. There is no one means, because the means are not part of the solution.

We only discover what is already there. There cannot be another outcome once we choose it. First, choose the outcome, even if we don’t really know what it will be. The choice is the beginning of the journey. Commitment, desire the outcome above all else. Remain focussed on the goal, participate in all that is offered. The end is the consequence of the beginning, and the beginning the consequence of the end.

There is one question just beyond our grasp. If we could reach it we could start to understand. There is something we cannot quite reach, something which will make everything clear, but we cannot touch it.
The answer seems beyond us, as if the mind cannot quite wrestle with the enormity, but the key to the unravelling is something simple. It feels that there is something obvious that we are missing, the mind reaches for it but all it finds is the mist of unknowing.
Stop a moment, just for a second, rest and stop searching to understand. The key is not to unravel the complexity and find, but to accept the complexity and uncertainty. If we can stop ourselves from grasping for the answer, it starts to clear. The cloud is always there. There is a veil between us and reality. The mind can never comprehend, not because of complexity or scale but because it is the mind. The only key is to stop searching and accept. Uncertainty is the way. Not knowing is where we should be. Any certainty is invalid, anything we think is true is not.

“All rational beings, angels and men, possess two faculties, the power of knowing and the power of loving. To the first, to the intellect, God who made them is forever unknowable, but to the second, to love, he is completely knowable, and that by every separate individual.” The Cloud of Unknowing.

Now rest in love of all things, this is where truth is. Love is the key. Love is real and tangible. All the skills bring us to the awareness of love’s presence. It is in all things and no thing, it is in form and non-form. We reach out into the world and into the void with love. We feel the love of God. We express love for the world. We feel compassion for mankind and gratitude for everything. With love the search to understand ceases. There is no need to comprehend when we can experience truth directly. It is as though everything has been brought together into the experience of God through love.
This is the end of the journey. The searching stops and the answer is always love. Love is not just a state of bliss, but of oneness. Love is a response and reaction to all the colours. There is love in pain and love in joy. There is love in all the shades of life. The pain of the world doesn’t disappear but we react with love. The uncertainty is always there but the reaction is the same

What God Is
It all depends on what God is. A glimpse of self realisation is an experience of oneness, an experience of God. In oneness we cannot remain apart from God, God is everything and we are part of God. There is nothing else. If we keep God separate and above, then we will always be less and below and we will always see others as we see ourselves as less and below.

When we touch God, when we come into the experience of God, there is no guilt, no condemnation of others, no judgement. This is the denial of guilt, in all its forms. God is everything and how can everything be wrong. We can choose, we have a choice, but no choice is wrong.

When we are with everything then everything around us changes. We cannot have others, without having ourselves, everything, God. We are not separate from the result, everything we do we do for everything.

Yet the oneness appears to be separate. We appear to be singular not whole. There seems to be two sides to the oneness, yin and yang, form and non-form. Human beings have a capability, a capacity for bringing together form and non-form into unity.

The natural world is the basis of all things, it is the world in which we exist and should not be denied. The world of spirit is also true and equally should not be denied. In many ways the world of spirit is harder to know, but the hidden quality of nature is also hard to uncover. The two shadows represent the two hidden sides, first our true human nature hidden behind the words and beliefs of our upbringing and culture. Second the spiritual nature which is the unification with all things.

What is God? Everything comes down to the knowledge of what God is. Nobody can tell us what God is. God is experienced. In the direct experience of God we know the truth and it is that truth that dictates our understanding of ourselves and morality. God is no longer a belief, God is real. God is no longer separate, we are God and God is us.

God is form, God is in this world and God is formless, God is spirit. It is the unification of form and non-form that we seek. The unification of God, only then do we truly know God.

The Son of God
It is one step to accept that there is something beyond our physical existence, to accept that there is an all pervading life force in the world. But it is another step to accept that we are part of it. Yet that is the teaching of Jesus. Not only did he accept that God existed he also accepted that he was part of God.

This total subservience places the self lower, it takes away any remaining belief in the limited self as being able to determine direction or to even to exist without God. It finally removes any element of choice because we are accepting that we are no longer a separate being. It is the final removal of the barrier, between self and Self, between individuality and totality. It removes the barrier between ourselves and God. It no longer sees us as a separate being.

“I am the Son of God” is a positive affirmation that we are one with God, not a separate lower being but part of and completely embraced and held by God. A drop in the ocean finally re-entering the conscious awareness that it is the ocean and no longer a separate droplet.

Many people are able to accept the existence of God. They may call it different names and believe in it in different ways, yet not so many are ready to accept that they are part of God. That acceptance is to give away, finally, totally and completely, their individuality. It is the last stronghold of the ego to accept the presence of God and to see itself less than God. It is not humility to retain that sense of ego, that remnant of self identity, it is humility to finally give away that final remnant of ego and accept that we are part of the whole.

We are told by religion that it is blasphemy to claim that we are the Son of God. Yet it is the final and deepest lesson that we need to give away that final remnant of self. It is only with complete humility that we finally accept that we have nothing that is not part of God. We have no existence but God, we have no individuality, we have no power, we have nothing, we are part of God and we have everything.

One Song
God as form, God as non-form, the One vibrating at different levels. The vibration of the Earth rising up, the vibration of light shining down. The body takes up the vibration, humming and resonating at every level. The sounds merge together and expand, earth and light merged in the heart. In perfect harmony the sound of love vibrates across the Universe, One Song now remembered. Deep inside a memory stirs, the sound is taken up and expands, until only One Song exists. In the beginning was the word and the word was God. In the beginning, so in the end. The song of Love vibrates across the Universe. We are the sound and the sound is God.