Week 4 – Emotional Awareness

Believe you are Master of your Own Life
From the Seven principles for Radiant Living by Jason Chan

Can you believe that you are the master of your own life? Perhaps you’ll need to put your rational mind to one side for a moment – your intellect and reason may be in conflict with this idea. But you are already the master because you create your own reality.

There is no such thing as absolute truth, as long as perception lasts. We all hold different concepts of ourselves and the world around us, because we think, see and perceive things differently. So really it is impossible to seek answers outside ourselves. It is up to each of us to look within to find and know our personal truth. By doing this you become your own master. You learn to create what it is you really want in life.

We all want to be happy and fulfilled. But what really makes us happy? Many people yearn for fame and fortune; they live for the future in the hope that twenty years from now they’ll finally get what they want. But life is day to day, moment to moment. Why pin your happiness on some point in the unforeseeable future?

You could try this instead: wake up in the mornings, and tell yourself, “No matter what happens in my life, I will be happy”. Decide it now.
Self-mastery requires taking responsibility for yourself, for what happens and has happened to you. You can no longer blame others for your life’s circumstances, neither your parents, nor past lovers, not even society. You stand alone, and alone you face yourself and the world.

The Prayer to the Angel of Water
from the seven prayers to the Earthly Mother

I am still,
like a deep still lake.
I appreciate my emotions, for what they are.
I feel every one, guilt, fear, jealousy, anger.
I feel the emotions of the Earthly Mother
How she nurtures and loves me with great tenderness,
like the love of a mother for her child
I give thanks to the Angel of Water
for helping me to appreciate all my emotions
so that I am filled with the determination to fulfill God’s purpose.

Meditation Exercise – Solar Plexus
To be added to the exercise from last week where we breathed the power of the breath into the Tan Tien.

After sitting in awareness of the Tan Tien centre, bring your attention to the Solar plexus, the area under the rib cage in the centre of the body. In the same way as before direct the mind to that point as if you are directing the power of the breath to that point. Continue to breath into that point, about six breaths. Then just sit and feel that area of the body. Become familiar with it, know where it is. Now imagine it like a lake, with ripples on the surface, as if the water is disturbed and again sit with that disturbance. Finally, again with the mind still the surface of the lake, until it has a clear reflection. Feel as deep stillness, as though it is a deep still lake and sit with that stillness.

When you are ready slowly and gently come out of the meditation.

Chi Kung Exercise
Stand with feet comfortably shoulder width apart, root in and relax.

Focus on your Tan Tien. Reach forwards and outwards with the hands and then powerfully draw back in to the Tan Tien with clenched fists and a sounding breath, breathing in towards the Tan Tien. Exhale strongly, again sounding the breath, pushing away from the Tan Tien, reaching out ready to draw in again. Repeat six times into the Tan Tien. Then just stand and nurture at the Tan Tien.

Repeat the same movement at the solar plexus, drawing in slightly higher to the solar plexus centre. Again it should be very strong with sounding breath. At the end stand and nurture at the Solar Plexus centre, feeling that centre.

Repeat again at the heart, with a different movement. This time sink down, bending the knees, but keeping the back straight. The hands drop down directly in front. Then straighten the legs pulling upwards with the fists to the heart centre, as though lifting the earth to the heart. Strong sounding breath. Then when you are upright push out with the hands to the sides, level with the heart centre, strong exhalation. Draw back into the heart from the sides, with clenched fists, breathing in. Repeat this drawing in and expanding at the heart six times. Finish by nurturing at the heart centre.

Close down by gathering the chi.