Beloved Chi Kung

Before starting the Chi Kung movement centre and ground yourself. Stand feet shoulder width apart, arms touching down to earth, and connect to earth and heaven. Smile inwardly, relax and soften the breath. Alternatively this exercise can be done following Wu Chi.

Bring the hands in an inverted triangle to the Tan Tien, away from the body. Breathe six times to the tan tien to ground yourself.

Beloved Chi Kung
Repeat the following sequence at least three times. The first time utilise three breaths in each position, the second time two and the third time just one. Any subsequent times use just one. Say the words, either out loud or in your mind with each position.

1. “To See As God Sees”. Hold the hands about 6 to 8 inches in front of the eyes, elbows and shoulders down and relaxed. Imagine that the hands are blocking your physical sight. Look beyond to see the world as it really is. Say the mantra.

2. “To Feel As God Feels”. Hands in an inverted triangle at the heart. Feel love for all living things without condition or judgement. Say the mantra.

3. “To Know What God Knows”. Bring the hands, still in the triangle up to the third eye. Push away from the third eye until you feel some resistance, 6 to 8 inches. To have the wisdom of the universe, to know all there is to know. Say the mantra.

4. “The Beloved”. Embrace yourself lightly. See the perfection within yourself, your own soul quality. Say the mantra.

5. “Sees only the Beloved”. Open your arms out to the side level with your heart. See the perfection in every other living creature. Say the mantra

After repeating it at least three times remain with your focus on your heart centre. Allow your hands to rest down by your side, palms facing forward. If doing this in a group share the heart energy between the group.

Close in the usual way. Gathering the energy and pushing it down to the tan tien, twice. Close down the centres, breathing into each centre in turn.