Chakra Sounds

This routine uses sounds at each of the chakras. Rising up through the chakras first and then descending. It uses the sounds SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DA, NI, SA. Each sound is combined with movement to assist the focus and direction of the sound.

The sounds relate to the chakras as follows:

SA – Base Centre
RE – Tan Tien / Hara
GA – Solar Plexus
MA – Heart
PA – Throat
DA – Third Eye
NI – Crown
SA – is used to centre at the heart and move into the second part from the heart.

Rising Movement
As you rise alternatively draw in to the centre and then expand from the next centre. The opposite is true as you descend, so that in the full sequence you will both draw in and expand from each centre. Feet are about shoulder width apart or wider.

SA – Draw in to the Base Centre. Sink down and drop the hands down, rise and pull up with fists into the base centre.

RE – Push out from the Tan Tien. Palms of hands close together pushing forwards from the Tan Tien while sinking slightly.

GA – Pull in and up towards the Solar Plexus, rising.

MA – Sweep hands out to the sides horizontally from the heart, sinking slightly.

PA – Palms sweep back in towards the throat centre.

DA – Turn hands to face away, forming a triangle with the hands joining thumbs and first fingers. Push forwards and upwards from the Third Eye.

NI – Hands come together in a prayer position and draw down from above the head through the crown.

SA – Hands continue in prayer position down to the heart centre. Stay here in silence.

Descending Movement

When you feel ready to move

SA – Sweep the hands down to the sides and then upwards in a large circle and draw down through the crown centre.

NI – Push hands upwards and outwards from the crown.

DA – draw hands back down towards the third eye.

PA – Large sweep out to the sides from the throat centre

MA – Draw into the heart.

GA – Hands come together to form a triangle, thumbs and first fingers touching. Push forwards and downwards from the solar plexus.

RE – Thumbs interlock, one hand on top of the other and draw into the Tan Tien.

SA – Turn hands to face downwards and push down.

In silence draw the hands back up to the heart in prayer position.

The Sequence

Initially use the sequence without the sound. The movement and breath should be coordinated, breathing in as you draw into a centre and out as you push.

Then you can use the sequence with the sound internally, extending the sound with the breath. You should feel the vibration of the sound even though it is not out loud.

When you use the sound out loud, tone it allowing the sound to expand outwards.

Use the sequence several times with or without sound as you feel appropriate.

Beginners can use the first four sounds up to the heart and then pause at the heart before returning down from the heart.