Master Tam

This has six simple movements, all the time you are either rising or sinking. Keep the movement subtle.

Start with the feet apart, about shoulder width, hands out to the sides, touching the earth

Sink slightly and start

1. Rising, with the hands facing towards each other

2. Sinking, pushing forward from the heart

3. Rising, open the hand to the sides level with the heart

4. Sinking, hands come down diagonally towards the knees

5. Rising, hands rise up again, palm downwards

6. Sinking, hands come down again, slightly wider apart, palms down

The hands continue to move sweeping towards each other ready to start again. Repeat 6 to 8 times.

At the end of the sequence return to the original standing position. Then turn the hands towards each other to hold the golden sun, feeling the chi between the hands. This can be the starting position for further chi kung e.g. golden sun sequence or 4 elements.

There are a number of levels that can be appreciated within this one exercise.
Level 1 – Flowing Movement, coordinate the rising and sinking with the flow of the arms and hands until it is smooth and continuous

Level 2 – Breath Co-ordination, as you rise breathe in and as you sink breathe out. Let the breath become very gentle and smooth

Level 3 – Chi Flow, imagine silk flowing from the ends of the fingers. Try to feel it in the fingertips. Feel as though the movement is so soft, gentle and continuous that the thread is unbroken.

Level 4 – Emptiness, aware of the movement, the breath and the chi flow but the mind is not involved in thinking about any of them (or anything else).