Advanced Standing Like a Tree

1. Stand shoulder width. Sink down, bending at the knees, palms facing each other, rise and raise hands above head. Repeat 6 times

2. As 1. But open arms above head stretching up and back. Hold breath, bend forward, back straight. Release breath. Repeat 6 times

3. Come into triangle position. Three breaths while to feel grounded.

4. Come up through the chakras, starting at the base centre. Six to nine breaths at each centre. Arms open and holding the chi at each centre.
-base centre – arms apart
-tan tien – arms apart
-solar plexus – palms in toward centre
-heart – palms in toward centre
-throat – arms apart, thumbs point toward throat, drop to base centre before next position
-third eye – arms behind head, thumbs point to jade pillow
-crown – arms open at heart, palms upward towards the crown
Complete by coming back down to the base centre

5. Lions Mouth. Turn to the right, right hand at top, level with crown, Left hand level with base centre. Imagine holding a pearl in the lions mouth. 6 breaths. Repeat to left

6. Turtle Shell. Bring the hands behind the back as though holding a shell on your back. 6 breaths.

7. Bend forward, back and neck straight, arms upwards. Breathe up and down the spine 6 times.

8. Bring hands forward as though resting the chest on a large balloon. Breath in and out through the whole body 6 times.

9. Churn the Sun. Bring the energy up and through the body 3 times.

10. Triangle. Connect once more to the Earth energy. 3 breaths

11. Butterfly. Bring the fingers pointing up into the rib cage. Imagine the butterfly wings. 3 breaths.

12. Cooling shower. Hands at Tan tien. Raise them up in front of the body. Over the head and down the sides, imagining a cooling shower. 3 times. Finish by nurturing and closing down.