Chi Radiance and Connecting to Cosmic Energy

Chi Radiance
The key to cultivating inner radiance is conscious awareness. To cultivate vitality, you must be conscious of the chi. Later, you need to learn how to hold radiant chi throughout your body. Chi radiance is more subtle than physical vitality. You need to be able to hold subtle chi so that your mind and body are well-protected. When you can fill yourself with chi abundance, your mind will be safe for a while, and then your soul will also be safe. Otherwise, your soul will be subjected to the turbulence of your mind, but when your mind is calm, it will no longer play endless tricks on you.

Please keep cultivating chi abundance because it will protect you so much! You will be much less driven to attack yourself and others with fearful, judgemental thoughts and your mind will become much brighter, clearer and more positive. The radiant mindset is always beautiful and bright.

When you are full of chi, the seeds of sickness just cannot take root in your system, and when you can cultivate more subtle chi, you can even start to transcend all worldly concerns. The next level of rising consciousness is to bring unconditional love into your mind and heart. Unconditional love can transform and heal you on all levels! If you can bring sunshine energy into your heart, it can melt into love energy. Then, once you can connect consciously to love energy, you can join soul-to-soul with other beings, both horizontally and vertically.

Connecting to Cosmic Energy
Another type of higher energy is cosmic energy. If you learn how to connect to cosmic energy, it can shower down on you and envelop you, and this can be a very healing and transformative experience. Cosmic energy is everywhere, but we have to learn how to connect to it. When we learn how to move cosmic energy through all our energy channels, we can begin to have a blissful physical existence and become much more alive and vibrant as our own energy levels rise up to the cosmic level.

When you are cleansed by cosmic energy, you will no longer accumulate so much personal karma. Cosmic energy is so healing!
If you learn how to move cosmic energy through your 8 extraordinary channels, your body will feel totally alive. Cosmic energy is subtle and it can permeate all the subtle layers of your existence. But cosmic energy is also so potent that it can fill a whole room with peace!

Cosmic energy is vast and non-dual, but as well as connecting to this energy, you also need to open your third eye and connect to ‘the light’. The light is an even higher energy than cosmic energy, and when you merge your individual consciousness into this light, you will even transcend your individual soul.

As you awake spiritually, it is also incredibly helpful to connect to the energy of a very high spiritual master, such as Jesus Christ or Buddha. They will then train you until you attain spiritual mastership. You can even be trained to embody their divine qualities, but very, very few human beings ever achieve this very high level of spiritual awakening and mastery. Of course, the ultimate level of spiritual awakening is to merge with God and only God, and to know that ‘I and God are one’. But you will not reach this level of enlightenment for a long, long time.

However, when you can get in touch with the spiritual light, it will begin to transform your soul. Your soul just longs to cut through all the limitations and trappings of physical consciousness and the light can really assist the individual soul to heal and to cut through all of its karma.

Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012