Clearing Karma and Cultivating Spiral Power

Clearing our Karma
With each level of enlightenment that we reach, there is a corresponding healing to go through, so that we can release a deeper level of our karma. However spiritual you may think that you are this lifetime, you can rest assured that you have killed other human beings in past lives. We have all killed and been killed over and over again in our past-lives, and now we have to release all of this stored, dark karma before we can return home to God.

Once upon a time, out of ignorance, even very sincere Christians really believed that God wanted them to kill ‘the infidel’. This is insane! The traditional Christian God is actually just an egoic man-made image of God that reflects egoic darkness rather than the divine light and truth. Please don’t believe traditional religious versions of God –they are all so ignorant or, if you prefer, insane.
Human beings have been around for a long, long time and we have all done some terrible things and accumulated a lot of heavy, dark karma in our DNA. We now urgently need to find a way to cut through our collective karma that creates endless wars, diseases and so many other kinds of human suffering. Mass human consciousness is still full of fear and attack thoughts, but so far in the whole of human history, only a very few individuals have totally transcended all our terrible collective pain and suffering.
Ordinary people cannot use cosmic energy to clear their karma because their vibrations are not yet high enough for them to connect to it. So unfortunately, they just have to go through their karma lifetime after lifetime. So please give so called ‘non-spiritual people a break. They are all fighting a hard, losing battle down here on earth and have no idea how to escape from all of this endless fear and conflict.

Cultivating ‘Spiral Power’
On this advanced course, your movement should be more than just physical. Your energy should spiral up through your arms and legs, whilst you also use the power of your mind and your stance to root into the earth. You will need to cultivate tremendous strength so that you can really root into the earth to create ‘Spiral Power’ within all your tai chi and chi kung movements. You no longer just stand and ‘hold the chi’, you have to learn to ‘root in’.

When you practise Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung, you should now either pack spiralling energy into your bone marrow with your palms and fingers curled in to hold the energy, or you can spiral energy outwards, as you fully extend your palms and fingers. When energy spirals up the spine, through our arms and out through our outstretched palms, our practice will become more solid and powerful.

For example, when you are practising The Golden Sun, you should no longer just hold the Golden Sun between your palms. You root in and then pack the chi, or the light, right into your bone marrow. This can be quite taxing until you get used to it, but it will prepare your body to receive the cosmic energy. As you keep raising your vibrations and consciousness, you will be able to receive more and more cosmic energy. But this energy has its own wisdom and so it will not bombard you with more energy than you can handle.

If you were to be bombarded with vast amounts of light, you would really struggle for a while, because your physical body just could not take it. This happened to Mother Meera when she was a teenager, but now her frail little body seems to be able to hold incredible amounts of light.

Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012