Clearing Nadis, Negative Karma and Healing

Clearing Your Nadis and Your Negative Karma
When cosmic energy rains down on us, it can pour through us and clear all of our nadis (72, 00 energy points) Nadis are both inside and outside of your physical body, and when cosmic energy pours through them, it can flush out your karmic debt. Simply doing normal Chi Kung will not clear all of your deep negative karma. You need to send cosmic energy deep into your nadis to clear karma.

Your DNA holds all the memories of your ancestors, including all their physical weaknesses and illnesses. Scientists now know a lot about genetic weaknesses that are passed down from generation to generation, but I have observed that these weaknesses are also stored in the nadis, and that filling these nadis with cosmic energy can cleanse and even clear some of our inherited weaknesses.

When cosmic energy pours through your nadis to clear your stored karma, your whole body may shake for a while – sometimes quite violently. You may also feel aches and pains as they just rise up from deep within your subconscious, and so you may feel very uncomfortable at times. In particular, you may notice a strong aching sensation in your heart because we have all closed our hearts up for eons of time and now the cosmic energy is assisting us to re-open them.

But don’t worry too much about all these aches and pains. The good news is that when you are in cosmic energy, your mind will feel very calm and you will feel miraculously held and nurtured by the whole universe.

Our karma is recorded in our energy centres, rather like a recording on a DVD, and so we need to clear it with energy practices so that we can clean our hard drive and remove all viruses and bugs from our operating system. But because clearing our karma with cosmic energy can be quite a painful process, I cannot teach it prematurely, or all my students would run away!

Healing is a Gradual Process
Students usually drop like flies from my Ling Chi healing courses because the rapid changes they experience as they begin to heal themselves on a very deep level are just too scary for them to handle. So now I teach students to build firm foundations before I assist them to heal their karma. Once someone has built up firm foundations, they can then make a conscious choice whether they want to go further into a very challenging, and usually lengthy, healing process.

Your personality-self really does not want you to go on a healing journey, but you soul is always longing for true union that lies way beyond this physical world and when it connects to ‘the light’ its journey home to this union is finally underway. However, many egoic individuals are just not ready to begin this spiritual journey. They have not yet suffered enough.

The egoic-self can actually tolerate tremendous amounts of pain and suffering, but no one can bear infinite amounts of pain, and so one day each individual will pray sincerely for liberation, and then they will begin their unique spiritual journey back home to the truth. But please understand that even after you have made a sincere commitment to spiritual awakening and healing, you will still have tremendous resistance virtually every step of the way!

Please accept that healing is always a gradual process. You will not be able to clear all your karma with cosmic energy until you have practised for quite some time. But eventually, all your Chi Kung and meditation practice will pay miraculous dividends, as you finally open up to receive healing cosmic energy.

When we meditate in a group like this, the cosmic energy will feel very strong and powerful, but when you go home and practise connecting to it will inevitably feel a lot less powerful. Do not be downhearted. You have to keep practising connecting to cosmic energy until you achieve some consistency in your practice. This is the next level of your transformation.

Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012