Cultivating Radiant Energy and Holding the Light

Cultivating Strong, Radiant Energy
When you are fully illuminated by the light and also know the truth, all your endless fears and doubts will disappear. But some individuals who can meditate at a very advanced level still have very weak physical bodies, and this can be a real handicap in this physical world. Chi Kung practitioners, on the other hand, can experience a tremendous life-force flowing through them during meditation, and then they can use this internal power to make a real difference in the world. A lot of meditators cannot use the power of the light to make our world a better place because their weak nervous systems cannot hold the light, and so they cannot embody it in order to empower others.

Radiant Warriorship is a powerful foundation for spiritual enlightenment. If you need to accomplish anything down here on earth, including spiritual awakening and healing, you need good, strong energy. Cultivating radiant chi and bathing yourself in cosmic energy can really propel your consciousness upwards. Ordinary consciousness, with all its endless thoughts, is far too flat for you to make real spiritual progress. You need something strong –like a volcanic blast of energy – to open up the sky in your mind and remove all the heavy clouds that obscure the presence of the light.

You also need a lot of vibrant internal energy so that you can still your mind and connect to a higher wisdom. Without energy, our mind can become very sleepy, or it can drift all over the place. But when we have enough energy, our consciousness can soar upwards and connect to the light that can then pierce through our whole existence to ‘enlighten’ us on every level.

Whilst you still have dreams to fulfil in this world, you need a lot of bright energy because worldly concerns consume so much of our energy. Making money, looking after children, pursuing a career, all these activities take up a lot of energy, and if we do not take time out to renew ourselves, they can eventually drag us down. So we need to move and cultivate internal energy on a more or less daily basis. Movement gives us life, and without movement, life stagnates.

First, we need to cultivate radiant energy so that we can put our own lives in order. If our own life is a mess, if we are poor or constantly stressed, how on earth can we help our neighbours? If we are exhausted, we cannot even give one other human being a genuine helping hand. We absolutely need strong, harmonious energy to be of any real help in this world. For example, you cannot be weak and take a Tai Chi class, or you will help no-one. When you take a class, you have to put all of your problems to one side and shine like a blazing start to inspire and support your students ‘in the light’.

Fulfilling Your Earthly Mission by Holding the Light
If you so wish, you do not have to do anything in our crazy world. You can just sit and quietly bless the world at the end of your meditations. But some of us are called to be of practical help in the world and then we will need a lot of strong harmonious energy to complete our worldly mission.

Once you have a strong connection to the light, your soul will just want to help your suffering brothers and sisters in some way. However, please understand that, if you want to, you can opt out of all of this and just sit on a desert island connecting to the light. God certainly will not judge you for opting out like this. But some awakened souls just feel so much compassion for the human race, that they pray to be guided to help in any way they can, and then they will be trained up by much higher beings to extend the light out into the world.

When we perform Infinite Tai Chi in meditation mode, we are very calm and our mind is quiet, but we are not shining forth. Meditative Infinite Tai Chi is very peaceful to watch, but the practitioner is not shining forth like a great light. You need to have a lot of strong internal energy to hold the light and then to shine it outwards like a blazing star.

When you can do this, your Infinite Tai Chi form will have real power and ‘oomph’ and when you perform the whole room will tingle with light. Then transformation has to happen. The light will naturally stimulate your soul’s growth and other souls’ growth. The cosmic light will purify you, but when you go even higher, the light will shine forth so that you can save others. When someone has a strong ‘light presence’, the collective consciousness is shifted upwards. A blessing from a true spiritual master is very different from the blessing of an ordinary practitioner because the master’s blessing is illuminated by a great light.

Reaching the level of connecting to cosmic energy is only a stepping stone towards full enlightenment. The next level is to embody the light. But please note that you can only hold the light up to a vibrational level of 1,000 because the body cannot take any more light than this. After you reach this level of calibration, you will continue to evolve, but you will no longer evolve in a physical body. Christ and Buddha are still expanding, but in a much higher realm of existence than our physical realm.

Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012