Dragon Chi Kung

Dragon Chi Kung is a form of hard Chi Kung and should be done with strength and sounding breath. Hands should be in a claw position. In between each position, come back to the centre, breathe in draw fists in at the sides, breathing out from Tan Tien, pushing to the sides.

– Tune in
– Draw fists in to sides at Tan Tien, breathe out pushing to the front – three times
– Draw fists in to sides at Tan Tien, breathe out pushing to the sides – three times

1. Dragons Claw
– Facing 45degrees to the right, right hand at waist, left hand at heart
– Push out from hands and waist, hands as dragons claws – three times
– turn to centre, arms out to sides to lift energy
– repeat to left – three times

2. Dragon Stands on Mountain Top
– Stand on one leg, well balanced, hands pushing out to sides, hands as claws – nine breaths
– repeat, standing on the other leg – nine breaths

3. Dragon Lifts the Earth
– horse riding stance, arms open at heart level, hands in claws facing down – nine breaths
– feel as though you are pulling up from the earth

4. Turn the Dragons Tail
– turn to look over the right shoulder, looking down to the ground
– right hand down, claw facing down, left hand up, claw up – nine breaths
– repeat to left, left hand down, right hand up – nine breaths

5. Dragon Sits on the Rice Field
– squat down, elbows between knees, elbows pressing out, knees pressing in
– claws facing upwards
– looking forward, breathe in and out through base centre – nine breaths

6. Dragon Flies from the Cave
– Skiing position, strength in legs with knees bent, back straight, arms backwards
– claws towards each other, at the kidneys
– look forward, pull between the hands as though there was shaft of light between them
– nine breaths

7. Dragon Hauling
– come to front, bend knees to grab earth energy with claws
– lift earth force to shoulders and breathe out with “Haw” sound, pushing upwards
– repeat twice more coming back to grab more earth energy
– then push up from shoulders, “Haw” sound – three times
– after three pushes, remain with arms extended upwards – nine breaths
– strengthens spine and whole body

– bring arms down to Tan Tien
– hands relaxed, no claw
– hold the Golden Sun at the Tan Tien, palms towards Tan Tien
– Store energy – several breaths
– gather chi, breathe in raising arms, gathering Chi
– push down lowering arms to Tan Tien, breathing out
– breathe in energy at Tan Tien