Golden Sun Sequence

The Golden Sun sequence is very powerful internal energy work, which can be used to energise and refresh the body. It primary purpose is to cleanse and to heal the internal body and to balance the energy. This describes the full sequence, but a shorter version is possible if time is limited.

Before starting the sequence tune in your mind to focus on the exercises and your breathing. Your breathing should be long and slow and the movement should be co-ordinated with the breath. Establish your connection to Heaven’s and Earth’s energies.

Do not strain the body. It is more important to keep your mind focused on the Golden Sun than to force yourself into a position that is uncomfortable for you. If you are straining to reach or stay in a position your mind will not be fully focused on the energy. Remember to listen to your body. If you feel you have any feeling of discomfort, nausea etc. then stop the exercises and sit down.

Holding the Golden Sun
Hold the golden sun at your Tan Tien. Hands facing towards each other as if holding a large ball of light. As you breathe in feel the sun expand and as you breathe out feel it contract. Try to feel the energy between the hands. If it helps, press slightly inwards with the hands as though you are pressing a large balloon. Hold the sun for 9 breaths.

Bring the sun up in front of you to head level. Bring the Sun through the head and down through the body as you sink slightly, in a churning motion. Repeat 9 times.

Look up at the Sun
Raise the sun above your head and look up to it, gently stretching upwards. Hold for a count of 3. Bring the sun down and behind your back bending forward, legs straight. Hold for a count of 3. Repeat 6 times.

Repeat the churning 3 more times.

Gaze upon a Star
Raise the sun in front of you above the head, back and head straight. Look up at it with your eyes, keep the head still. Go onto tiptoes if you can. Hold for 3. Bring the sun down bending the knees into a skiing position, back straight and hands behind the back. Hold for 3. Repeat 6 times.

Repeat the churning 3 more times.

Open the Golden Wings
Raise the arms to the side, to shoulder height. Lower back to the Centre. Repeat 6 times. Breathe in as you raise the arms, breathe out lowering.

Fold the Golden Wings
Raise the arms all the way up above the head. Lower back to the centre. Repeat 6 times. Breathe in as you raise the arms, breathe out lowering.

Golden Shower
Form a triangle between the thumbs and first fingers. Raise the triangle in front of you, until your hands are above your head. Open your hands to hold the sun. Breathe in, breathe out imagining a shower of rain. Breathe in, breathe out lower hands to centre, imagining a rainbow. Repeat 3 times.

Healing Palms
Raise triangle again to head height and open hands, palms facing forward. Imagine you are absorbing the sun’s rays.3 breaths.

Reach up to Infinity
Extend the arms, imagining you are reaching out to infinity. 3 Breaths.

At One
Bring hands and feet together. Hands above the head, to hold a star. Breathe in the light from the star at each Chakra in turn.
The following exercises can be done to complete the Golden Sun or separately, to lower and balance energy.

Balancing exercises
Four balancing exercises, repeated 3 times to each side:
– Sideways bend, look down to ground, one hand at Tan Tien the above the head pointing down
– Looking over the shoulder, turn gently backwards, look down, one hand behind the back pointing down the other above the head palm upwards
– Kundalini balancing, turn the feet 45 degrees, dragon stance, one hand at base centre, one hand above the crown – Chakra balancing, horse riding stance, one hand above the crown, one hand at Tan Tien

Gather up your Chi. Bring it down to the Tan Tien. Breathe in. Repeat.