Infinite Tai Chi article by Jason Chan

Jason Chan’s Infinite Tai Chi Talk: Sunday 10th April 2011

Three Different Levels of Performing Infinite Tai Chi
First of all, you have to learn all the physical moves of the form. Until you really know all of the moves, you cannot perform ITC with any degree of grace or fluidity. If your mind is desperately trying to remember what comes next, this hesitation and tension will show in your movement. Even after your mind knows the moves of the ITC long form, your body has to become very familiar with them before you can move harmoniously. To start with, you are rather like a baby learning to walk. However much a baby longs to walk, he or she will inevitably walk in a rather clumsy, hesitant way, until walking becomes a totally ingrained and instinctual set of movements.
It takes 21 days for the neurons in our brain to create a new pathway to support our memory of a new set of movements. So the first year of our ITC training course is very challenging because most students have never practised Tai Chi before, and their bodies and minds are just not geared into moving in this strange way!
The quality of the ITC form does not come from smooth movement alone. It basically comes from the cultivation of chi. It is chi that binds all the moves of the form together into one harmonious flow. Chi brings all physical matter together, including the ITC form.

Infinite Tai Chi is a Life-Saving Art
The Infinite Tai Chi form has some elements in it that bind everything together: mind, body and spirit together in perfect harmony and wholeness. So, if I continue to practise the ITC form for the rest of my life, my physical body should not deteriorate as quickly as a non-practitioner’s body will. Without a strong flow of positive chi, your body will inevitably deteriorate over time. If you lead a normal stressful life full of fear and anxiety, you will age pretty quickly, but if you practise ITC very regularly, you can even get younger – biologically speaking. Infinite Tai Chi is a life-saving art because it will protect you on many different levels.
Scientists still do not fully understand the degeneration of physical matter, but I know that when I do the ITC form, my body feels strong and healthy, whereas if I sit and watch TV for two hours, I can actually feel that my physical body is not quite as strong and vibrant as before I started to watch the programme.
I notice that most people biologically age quite quickly as they grow older, and I also notice that my body too starts to age like this, if I do not practice ITC and Chi Kung on a more or less daily basis. I also notice that if I do not practise the Form for just one day, the next day, my movement is not quite so good. We all need to keep using our skills, or we can easily lose them. If you do not keep practising specific skills, such as playing a musical instrument or performing Infinite Tai Chi, the neurons in the brain change and you lose some of your built up proficiency.
Scientists now recommend that we use our brains constructively every day as we age, so that we keep firing up the neurons that ensure that we do not lose any of our cognitive skills. If you want to maintain your progress in performing Infinite Tai Chi, the same rule applies. Use it or lose it.

Ultimately Infinite Tai Chi is a Moving Meditation in the Light
The Infinite Tai Chi Form has tremendous benefits within it. I keep practising the form so that I can connect to perfect inner and outer harmony. I also use the form to assist me to connect to Life Itself, or God. Normal human consciousness knows nothing of God, but through diligently practising Infinite Tai Chi until we reach an advanced level of inner peace, strength and harmony, we can definitely come to experience ‘God’ for ourselves.
But there is a lot to learn before you can reach this very advanced level of practising ITC as a moving meditation. First, you have to learn to co-ordinate your physical movements into a harmonious whole. You also have to practise slowing yourself down on several different levels. Your mind has to be able to maintain a strong, steady focus, and you also have to be able to use your breath to bring your mind and body together in perfect harmony.
Then you need to be able to cultivate radiant chi throughout your whole being, so that this strong, positive chi flow can generate a true inner joy that then extends outwards through your physical form. Once you can do this, you can actually demonstrate to others the innate grace and beauty of Life Itself.

Cultivating Divine Qualities through Practising Infinite Tai Chi
As you become skilled at performing Infinite Tai Chi, and cultivating a strong chi flow as you move, you inevitably bring more and more inner qualities into your movement, such as grace, strength, harmony, peace and joy.
When I was a younger, I was a very determined spiritual seeker and then a very diligent, disciplined spiritual student, but I noticed that I still could not forgive. I still could not transform my anger into compassion. I could not transform fear into love. But I was desperate to do all of this, and so I did not just practise one spiritual discipline, such as meditation, I practised a lot of different things, including A Course in Miracles, meditation, chanting, energy healing, positive affirmations and, of course, Infinite Tai Chi.
The more I practised ITC, the more I realised that I could create wonderful qualities such as peace and strength literally out of thin air.

Connecting to the Five Natural Elements
Once you have cultivated enough Chi, you can tune into all of nature’s elements – fire, water, earth air and spaciousness. Infinite Tai Chi is not just a physical form. There is also a subtle form that is filled with beautiful qualities.
Although our physical form is part of planet earth, most of us do not associate ourselves as pure nature. We all come from nature, and so we should know intimately the natural qualities of air, water, fire and earth. But most modern individuals just intellectualise about these essences. They say, ‘Oh yes, I know what air is. It is a mixture of oxygen and carbon monoxide’. We can understand the qualities of air through studying science, but we cannot know air until we merge our whole being with it –for example during the Infinite Tai Chi form.
When we can connect to all of nature’s elements through our ITC practice, we will find true, natural beauty in our movement. As we move and flow with chi, we can actually become the wind, the water, the fire, the earth. We can move into a totally natural state of being that is filled with strength and beauty.
Most human beings have become very unnatural. They are totally absorbed in unnatural activities such as making money, shopping for material goods, or sitting in airports or other very artificial and stressful environments. But when we pause our unnatural day to day activities to perform ITC, we connect to the 5 natural elements and so become so much purer and more natural than your average modern individual. We go beyond being a normal unnatural human being to discover our natural innocence, purity and perfection.

Opening Our Hearts to Pure Love and Joy, and the Innate Beauty of Life
First, you learn the physical moves of the ITC Form. Then, you learn how to move with chi, and finally, you connect to the five elements as you move. When you have mastered all of this, your heart will begin to open into pure love and joy.
Once you can flow through the form with quality, you will reach a few seconds of pure naturalness, and then you will begin to open your heart to life’s infinite beauty and joy, as your essence begins to emerge from deep within you. Now your true beauty and innocence will begin to shine through your form.
Because they have lost all knowledge of their true, eternal identity, most human beings no longer believe in their innate purity and innocence, and so few individuals ever experience the grace and beauty of their core being or soul. But each and every one of us is searching-whether consciously or not- for our lost innocence and innate beauty.
The human race cannot survive for too long unless we begin to reconnect to our natural innocence. We all harbour a lot of hatred fear and guilt in our minds, but we also long to find our true innocence that lies underneath layer after layer of artificial guilt and darkness. When we perform ITC, and open our hearts to love and light, we can get a glimpse of our true-self or core being. Sometimes as your heart opens up to this eternal truth, you may feel deep sorrow, but at other times you will experience pure joy.
Because we have all been badly hurt by life and closed our hearts up to defend ourselves from further pain, it can take some time to open our hearts up once again. However, after you have diligently practised ITC for 3-4 years, you should finally be able to get in touch with a pure spaciousness, and a deep sense of inner peace and freedom. Then you will naturally see the true beauty of life.
All human beings are desperately searching for their lost innocence, but I have to tell you that pure innocence, grace and lasting joy cannot be found in normal human activities, particularly artificial ones! We actually need to slow ourselves down and look within to find what we are all searching for.

Your Core-Being is so Beautiful and Innocent!
I have met some villains in this life, I have met heartless con-artists and totally self-centred thieves, but I have never met a bad soul. In this world, we all tend to have an attack mentality, as we instinctively try to protect ourselves and our turf against invaders or predators. This attack mechanism is actually an animal instinct. We also all have negative, fearful programming stored in our minds since our childhood. Some individuals have a programme, for example, that leads them to hate a certain race of people, or all those of a particular religious persuasion. But all this is so artificial!
Our core being, or soul, is so beautiful and innocent that when we get in touch with it, we become completely incapable of killing another sentient being. When we connect to our soul, it overrides all our cruel animal instincts and selfish egoic traits. Whenever we experience the beauty of our soul, we are a completely different being for a while.

The Spiritual Aspects of Stage 5 of the ITC Form
Stage 5 of the ITC form is designed to connect us to the light and to our core being, and when we experience the depths of this stage of the form, we naturally begin to transform.
In stages 1-3, we are raising our vibrations and cultivating chi, but when we reach stage 5, we can get in touch with our radiant, spiritual core being, even if at first, this is just for a split second or two. Then all your cells will become alive with the beauty of your soul, and you will feel tremendous amounts of pure, radiant energy just pouring through you and filling you with love, peace and joy. This is the essence of the form.
Most students eventually experience a deep spiritual connection as they perform stage 5 of the ITC form because it pushes their vibrations up above 550 for a while. Even after your average calibration stabilises at above 550, the world around you will continue you to push your buttons, but you will see it more and more as a wonderful training ground. Living down here on earth is never easy, and being a light worker is always extremely challenging, but it is also one of the most fulfilling roles that any human being can play.
Eventually you can even come to know God through practising ITC. Not the God of traditional religions, but a pure, universal, living presence that will fill your whole being with unconditional love and light.

The Healing Power of Unconditional Love
Yogi Cho and I have both calculated the vibrational level of the ITC form at 550, which is the level of unconditional love. (If the calibration of ITC was much higher than this, I would not attract any students!)
When you finally reach this high level of consciousness, you will be standing on ‘the mountaintop’, and everything will be healed naturally, including all your addictions and addictive behaviours. Unconditional loves has tremendous healing power within it, and can cut through all your addictive cravings. You cannot heal yourself by just relying on your own will-power, but once you reach the mountaintop of unconditional love, then all your problems will just melt away – at least for a while.
Sooner or later, if you keep diligently practising ITC and Infinite Meditation, you will begin to acquire the qualities of a Saint. Your heart will open and become filled with genuine compassion for the whole of humanity, and you will also have all the inner strength you will need to forgive the world and to refrain from attacking all those who appear to attack you. Of course, I do not tell the general public that I am training Saints, but that is ultimately what this training programme is doing!
Infinite Tai Chi is a very powerful art that combines grace and power, or inner strength, so that your peaceful presence can become a potent force in the world. Practising ITC will really enhance the power of your meditations. In any case, sitting meditating for long periods of time will not do a lot for your physical body, so you need to combine your meditation practise with some kind of holistic exercise. But meditation can assist you to go into an advanced or transcendent state of being that your soul is yearning to experience.

Your Personality-Self and Your Soul Have Completely Different Agendas
As you advance on the path, you will become aware that your soul and your personality-self have two completely separate agendas. Your personality-self really does not want to co-operate with your soul, and so you may well notice, as you get in touch more and more with your soul’s desire, that there is a battle going on within you between light and darkness, love and fear, aliveness and death. But Infinite Tai Chi and Infinite Meditation can really assist you to transcend all this inner conflict, until you finally merge back into wholeness or the truth.
As we awake, we can notice all our personality-self’s addictions, fears and attack thoughts, but we do not need to beat ourselves up when we notice all of this, or label ourselves as bad or unworthy. Physical drives and desires do not make us sinful. In fact, we can use the energy of these drives to assist us on our spiritual path. Taoists, for example, use their sexual energy to fuel their spiritual practices.
We can use our sexual energy to attack others by using them primarily for our own physical pleasure, or we can utilise our sexual energy to make divine love to another soul. Energy is just energy. It is the intention with which we use it that makes all the difference between heaven and hell. We just have to keep going deep to find the wholeness and beauty within, and then we have to choose the light over the darkness over and over again until this choice becomes instinctual.

Raising Your Vibrations to 600 Plus
Taking this three year course will not lead you to full enlightenment. You can certainly reach the mountaintop of 550, or unconditional love, but you will still have many years of diligent practise to complete before you reach complete enlightenment. The enlightened state can be calibrated at around 600. After this, we begin to see life like a Saint, because our consciousness has risen up to the level of non-duality filled with nothing by love and light.
The more you practise, the more you will get in touch with your inner light, and then your personality’s moodiness will begin to bother you more and more. You will notice that you are still in conflict. One moment you are nothing but love, and the next you are filled with fear or anger. The discomfort of noticing all this will hopefully push you to keep raising your vibrations higher and higher, until you spend more and more time bathed in the energy field of unconditional love.
It is not at all easy to raise our vibrations above 600, but once your average calibration rises above 600, you will long to know God more, and so you will naturally become a very diligent practitioners and self-healers. You will also want to keep healing all your inner darkness, and you may even pray for healing, regardless of the inconvenient fact that we usually experience a lot of emotional and even physical pain, as we go through a deeply healing process!
Once your vibrations rise up to 600 plus, your key motivation in life will be to heal the world. This urge will just emerge naturally from your open, compassionate heart. More and more young people, although still a tiny minority world-wide, are beginning to awake and raise their vibrations, and these wonderful young people do long to make a real difference in the world.

Looking Within to Find immortal Love
I no longer really want anything from this material world because I now see so clearly how it all turns to dust sooner or later. I am not cynical, but I do keep observing how nothing in this world lasts forever, and now I no longer have so many material or physical desires, and so I am free. Everything and everyone that we attach to in this world will turn to dust eventually. We all lose absolutely everything in the end. So if you are wise, you will look within to find something everlasting that will make you whole and complete.
We all fall for the romantic ideal of ‘You complete me’. But this romantic notion is actually full of disappointment and suffering. We are all searching desperately for immortal love, but we will never find it in this physical world of decaying, dying bodies. So we have to climb to ‘the top of the mountain’ so that we can love unconditionally at the soul level, because only soul to soul love is eternal.
But having said all that, practising ITC and Infinite Meditation can bring you true romance and intimacy, particularly if couples practise together so that their energy fields can merge together ‘on the mountaintop’. Practising ITC together can create harmony and peace with your partner, whereas making physical love together is very often not true intimacy because the energy is just not high enough.
Human existence can be very lonely. We can be surrounded by a lot of material possessions and even have a lot of good friends, and still feel lonely and isolated. Practising ITC can ultimately heal our inner loneliness because it assists us to connect to one another soul to soul. Personalities can never truly connect, only souls can connect to one another without any barriers, and really communicate with one another.
When I was a young man, I truly loved and respected my mother –it’s a Chinese thing! – but even so, my mother’s personality would sometimes irritate me, and I even used to try and manipulate her to do what I thought would be best for her. But as I awoke, I learnt the spiritual art of forgiveness, and I stopped trying to manipulate her so much. Awakening is crucial, because otherwise we will just go on trying to manipulate and guilt trip our loved ones –all in the name of love.

Awakening is a Must
Awakening is essential for our long term sanity, and so that we can just let others be, and hold them in unconditional love whatever they do or don’t do. Otherwise, there is no way out of constant conflicts with other people, both individually and collectively.
If we really want to be of genuine service to our brothers and sisters, we have to awake. There is no other way. Then we have to tune into a universal guidance, or intuitive wisdom, that will guide us every step of our lives. Once you know how to tune into this guidance, you are unbelievably safe and protected. A landmine could be right in front of you, and some instinct would make you walk around it unharmed!
Most people grope their way through life. They actually have no idea where they are going or how to get there. In order to escape from a meaningless, confused life like this, you need to raise your vibrations until you can connect to a higher guidance that will protect you at all times and in all circumstances.
Most human beings are so fearful because they simply cannot control their lives and their futures, however much they try to do so. They are totally confused and lost, even if they do not show it on the surface. But when you can truly perform Stage 5 of the Infinite Tai Chi form, you will naturally begin to connect to an inner guidance that will guide you safely through all of life’s amazing challenges.

Finding Your Sacred Heart

About two years ago, Gemma Fearns gave a talk on this course during which she told us about a retreat in Thailand where she was instructed during meditation to connect to the sacred heart just to the right of the centre of her chest.
After her talk, I realised that the physical heart leans to the left and actually needs to be balanced by the sacred heart that leans to the right. When we are only aware of our physical heart, something is missing. We all need to mend our hearts by connecting to our sacred heart, or spiritual heart, on the right side of our chest. If you keep searching for this sacred heart during meditation, you will eventually connect to it energetically, and then your heart will start to become whole.
Today, I will lead you in a meditation to connect you to your sacred heart. You will be able to do this much more easily in a group than on your own. Once you connect to your sacred heart, you will notice that your physical heart is not whole. When your heart centre first opens up to the light, you will probably notice that you are actually broken-hearted. But your spiritual journey home does not really begin until you release tremendous sorrow from your heart.
We have all suppressed our soul’s deep sadness and loneliness for eons of time. When we are not awake our soul is imprisoned by the egoic thought system, and then it feels so trapped and isolated. So first we need to connect to our broken heart, and then we need to mend it! We may even feel actual physical aches and pains in our heart when it first begins to open to the light. Some students have even reported worrying that they might have been having a heart attack, but it was just their stored inner pain coming up to be released.
Sometimes as we awake, we definitely feel a lot of pain in and around our physical heart. This is actually deep soul pain being released through your opening heart.
Most of us do not dare open our hearts to love. Out of fear and past hurt, we just do not dare to love too deeply. But deep within our soul, we are all yearning to go home to love, and so when we start to awake, we will notice our heart aching. Then we need to go within and bravely mend our broken heart. Connecting to your sacred heart is one wonderful way to start to do this.

Holding Peace for the World
Some of us have to hold the intention of making this world a more peaceful place, even if we will not see world peace break out in our lifetime. Some of us are definitely progressing towards a more peaceful way to live, but we have to acknowledge that there is also an intelligent darkness at work in the world. Some computer experts, for example, want to destroy all your computer files with a virus just for the hell of it. Even today, young children are being kidnapped and sold as slaves in several countries around the world.
So many people are now so tired of living in a violent, attacking world, and we desperately need more and more radiant light workers to balance all of this. We all urgently need to get in touch with our own hearts and open them to the light, because once we do this, we just will not be able to become child traffickers, or thieves, or even unkind sons or daughters.
Heart opening is so important, but we are so afraid of the pain in our hearts that we need to cultivate Radiant Warrior qualities so that we can bravely face this pain and heal it.
Everyone in this world is in pain –thieves, doctors, rapists, politicians, judges –everyone! Saints know this, and so they just have to help the whole of humanity. In order to be of real service in the world, saints constantly pray for higher guidance and ask for a higher power to assist them to keep their hearts open to all the suffering of the world.
First, as we begin to awake, we will pray ‘Please help me to heal and release all of my deep pain and hurt’. Then later we will pray, ‘Please help me to assist others to heal their terrible pain too’, and at this point we become a truly helpful presence in the world.

© Jason Chan 2011