Living and Dying : What For ? Soul to Soul Love

Living and Dying: What for?
How would you like to die? Buddha said that at the time that you are born, you have already determined when you will die, but not how you will die, but I cannot yet totally clarify this.

Do you know when you will finish your worldly life? This is a sixty-four million dollar question because if you know in advance when you will die, you can be well prepared and you certainly will not need to worry in the meantime about plane crashes etc. Unawakened souls really have no choice. If their karmic script includes their death in a plane crash, they will just have to experience this.

I want to die in meditation. Before my body becomes too weak, sick or painful, I want to leave it and move on to another plane of existence. In the best version of living and dying, you do not die. You simply move onwards and upwards. You finish your worldly mission and move on. But you do have to prepare yourself to go through the dying process first.

Death is still a mystery to all of us and I am still not absolutely sure when I will die or how I will die. But I am sure that it is pretty pointless to live a long life only to die none the wiser. Prolonging our physical lives does not feel like a real purpose to me. What are you prolonging your life for? To watch your grandchildren grow up? Is this a real reason for living to be 100?

For me, physical life has no real meaning unless we can connect to our soul’s purpose this lifetime. Initially, I had no idea I was going to do this kind of work. When I was a young man, my life was all about ‘me’ and so I pursued activities that I thought would bring ‘me’ security and pleasure.

After you awake, your life’s purpose will change. Making money, for example, will become a means rather than an end in itself. But you should keep asking, ‘Why am I living in this world? What is it all for? What is my real purpose for being here? I now have a very simply purpose in life: to go back home to God.

What is your purpose? Becoming a great-grand parent is not one of my goals in life! But your goals will be based on the decisions you make. So please decide to set a genuine goal for your life, or when you die, you will be very confused and fearful, just as most people are while they are still alive, because they have yet to discover their soul’s purpose for incarnating into a body this lifetime.
At every level of your growth, you will need to take a decision. You will have to make a choice between living your life in fear and conflict and living your life in love and peace. Once you genuinely commit to living the rest of your life in love and peace, the whole universe will change to agree with your soul’s new choice. When you connect to your soul and make a real decision to fulfil your soul’s purpose this lifetime, your whole life-script will change.

Please do not just want to live as long as possible-what for? How many billions of individuals have lived on planet earth up until today? –and they all dropped dead. The vast majority of them never asked any deep questions about the true meaning or purpose of life. Trying to preserve your physical body just so that you can stay here a bit longer- I really do not like that version of life! I am determined to use my physical body for a holy purpose. The true purpose of life is to use your body to serve spirit.

Your body is just a vehicle, and when it is serving a holy purpose it will not die until it has fulfilled that purpose. When a body is serving the light, there is a bright energy surrounding it and permeating it, and then it will not get sick, or even age. But you have to be a very advanced spiritual practitioner for your body to be so pure and free of heavy karma, and there are, as yet, very few shining examples of spiritual masters like this in our world.

A really good version of life on earth is that we are preparing ourselves to fulfil a mighty purpose and to become a vehicle for the light to use. But we have to make a conscious choice to surrender to this higher plan for us.

Before you die, do your very best to stay strong and healthy so that your consciousness can keep going up. If you are weak, frail and miserable whilst you are alive, you will still be a lonely, sad, egoic-self when you die. So many individuals still die with their soul totally obscured by the darkness and not even a spark of light shining within them.

Someone who tries to be a good person throughout their life will at least not obscure their soul so much as an angry, aggressive or greedy person, and so they will at least have a chance to ‘see the light’ when they die. An awakened person on the other hand has a very good chance to connect to the light when they die, because they have been connecting to the light for so long before they go through the dying process, that seeing the light comes naturally to them.

Soul to Soul Love
As your consciousness expands, your love will change. You will begin to connect more to someone’s soul than to their body or personality-self. You will learn to overlook the physical body and the personality-self so that you can love others much more deeply. Even if you are making love, you will no longer concentrate on the physical sensations so much as the soul-to-soul connection with your partner.

If you are a parent, you will no longer see your children as just your children. You will see them as fellow souls sharing their infinite journey with you for a short while. This is a very different kind of love than normal human love. It is non-possessive and so there is no pain in it.

God is simply all embracing life or love, and so when you connect to God, you will simply love everyone soul to soul. Moreover, when you love God, you will love all living creatures much more deeply. The more you awake, the more your core aim in life will be to uplift others’ souls so that they are no longer trapped in hellish darkness. Please do not insist on loving other people’s bodies or personalities. They will disappear very quickly and then you will be full of grief and loneliness. But when you love someone soul-to-soul, you will know that this love never dies.

Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012