Moving Meditation and Bridging Heaven and Earth

Infinite Tai Chi as a Moving Meditation
As you advance in your practice, your Infinite Tai Chi form should become a moving meditation. To become an extraordinary Infinite Tai Chi practitioner, you need to cultivate radiant, powerful energy, for example by cultivating ‘Spiral Power’. But then you need to know how to calm your mind so that you are in a meditative state when you move. Performing Advanced Infinite Tai Chi as a moving meditation is very different from the energy work we focused on earlier today. Your ultimate goal on this advanced course should be to perform Infinite Tai Chi in a meditative state, whilst holding cosmic energy throughout your being.

When you perform tai chi as a moving meditation, your mind should be still and open. You then have to move effortlessly, without even thinking about the individual moves. You are no longer trying to perform Infinite Tai Chi. You do not think about the moves, or exactly where to place your hands and feet. You do not even think about your breathing. You are looking within, and your consciousness is just open, clear and alert in a very pure meditative state.

If you practise performing the Advanced Infinite Tai Chi form in a meditative state at home, you can harmonise all the energy in your home and thus experience a much more peaceful atmosphere all around you.

Bridging the Gap between Heaven and Earth
Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation are all skillful means to bring heaven and earth together. In reality, God is everywhere and nothing else exists. In the highest states of consciousness, there is no duality and no physical existence. In this dimension of existence, there is no such thing as ‘my consciousness’ connecting to ‘God consciousness’. There is just Oneness.
But at the moment, your mind is still split. Christ’s mind is unified with God, and nothing but God, but your mind is not. We tend to think of ‘God’ as ‘up there’. But God is everywhere, although your brain can never really understand this. So you just have to keep expanding your consciousness until you know that there is only God.

In this physical universe, we all lack love because there is no love in physical matter. Our universe is amazing. Just gaze at the stars for a while –Wow! But it is still lacking in love. If your consciousness is totally free, you will see that the universe is an empty bubble of nothing, but again, this insight does not make any sense to the split human mind that is convinced that there are other real, separate individuals in the world with which it has real relationships.

The big problem with this normal human consciousness is that nothing that we perceive with our five physical senses will last. This temporary nature of all physical life is a big headache for us. In fact, when you realise, for example, that you love your children so much and yet you can do nothing to prevent them dying, you will panic.

Normal human existence is so painful because we are all frightened, lonely, angry and full of egoic pride and self-righteousness. We all feel the pinch of living in a physical world of limitations and disappointments, but we also all have the free will and choice to stay here as long, and as often, as we wish. Alternatively, we can make a conscious choice to begin to bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

All human beings are frightened because they know that their existence is just temporary- a biological happenstance with a beginning and an end. Even though we human beings rule the planet for a while, we know that we will not last very long and that makes all of us panic, whether we consciously acknowledge our deep fear of death or not. Human beings are incredibly clever, but we cannot conquer death and this is a massive and very painful limitation on all of us.

It is also extremely painful not to know the true purpose of our temporary existence, and so most people cope by making up a purpose for their life. They find a purpose in gaining qualifications, pursuing a career, getting married, bringing up children, and then enjoying being grandparents. But our personality-selves can never really understand what life is all about. We just make do and mend, but this is not truly living. It is just coping. True living only begins when we raise our consciousness and begin to establish a bridge between heaven and earth so that we can find the true meaning of life.
Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012