On the Mountain Top

Infinite Tai Chi is not just about learning the form. We are teaching you to hold the light as you move so that you can connect to the greater aspects of life. This connection is stunningly beautiful.

When every soul on earth has opened up to the beauty and grace of Life Itself, everyone will simply lay down their weapons and the whole world will be at peace. Finally, all ancient hatreds and anger will dissolve in the light of human kind’s higher consciousness.

My faith in the infinite power of the light is not a belief system. My faith is based on my own vivid experiences of the miraculous power of this love and light. When I touch this light, I am touching Life Itself, and when I hold this light in my consciousness, how can I possibly hate, or attack, any living being?

When you too can connect to the light, it will dissolve all of your personal problems and even support all of your family and friends. One day, if you keep diligently practising our Infinite Arts, it will be your turn to teach others how to connect to the light so that they too can find true contentment and fulfilment in life. When you are plugged into the light throughout your day, you will no longer have to think ‘What about me? How can I protect myself and my family?’ The light will simply work through you for everyone’s highest good.

Infinite Tai Chi is an internal art rather than a performing art. To begin with, we ask students to focus strongly. As you move, you should bring your mind to your breath and focus your eyes on your palms. To learn the basic moves of the form, you will need to cultivate strong yang focus and concentration. New students will inevitably let their minds wander whilst they are learning the form. They will keep looking around the room, as their minds seek for some kind of external stimulus or entertainment. First years will look over to where I am teaching the third years and think to themselves, ‘I wonder what they are doing?’

The external world fascinates the untrained mind and thus becomes a major obstacle, or disturbance, to finding inner peace. But when we search for inner peace, we will also face internal obstacles. Our minds can be either too busy, or too sleepy. If you do not have enough internal energy, for example, your mind will inevitably wander off while you are performing ITC, and your form will be wishy-washy. You will start to fantasise about food, sex or your next holiday, and then your form will have no power or strength in it. There is no power in Infinite Tai Chi until it is performed with a focussed mind.

Of course, the first step in learning Infinite Tai Chi has to be to learn the correct moves of the form because without this, you have absolutely nothing to build on. First year students often find learning the form very challenging because their brain is not used to the body moving in such a different way.

It is actually much easier to train to be a marathon runner than to become a good Infinite Tai Chi practitioner. However, some students do seem to find ITC easier to learn than others. They may have practised Tai Chi in a past life, or they may be lucky enough to have a ‘tai chi body’. I have also noticed that younger students do tend to pick ITC up rather more quickly and easily than older students whose bodies tend to be more set in their ways! But however old you are, and whatever type of body you have, self-discipline and enthusiastic motivation will undoubtedly enable you to learn all the basic moves of the form sooner or later.

Then, in your second year of training, you need to refine all of your moves and also to start to feel the chi as you move. You will need to practise the form hundreds and hundreds of times until your form starts to flow smoothly and you can actually feel the chi flow. When you can perform Infinite Tai Chi with chi flow, it will calibrate at 400+, and so you can start to use your ITC practice to rise above your thinking mind and to connect to a much higher intelligence, or light. When you can gather the chi as you practise the form, smoothness will start to come into it, and this smoothness will begin to transcend your busy mind.

In the second year, we also assist you to tune into all the nature elements in the form – earth, water, fire, air and emptiness. You need to begin to tune into these inner qualities, or natural elements, so that the ITC form becomes much more natural and at the same time more artistic and beautiful. Now you are beginning to climb higher up the ‘Infinite Tai Chi Mountain’.

But if you really want to climb right to the top, you will have to build very firm foundations. For example, you will need to ensure that you have an exceptionally strong and healthy physical body so that you can move with real strength and ease, and you will have to open your heart so that you can bring the energy of true love into your form.

Once you have learnt all of the moves of the form, you can bring certain qualities into it so that it will calibrate at a higher level. But you will need a strong physical body in order to do this because how can you hold an abundance of chi without a strong body?
The problem is that whenever our core being is trapped inside a physical body, we actually become too tense and heavy. So now we need to rise above purely physical consciousness so that we can emanate a true beauty and simplicity that lies beyond this physical universe. We cannot transcend all the complexity of this world with more complexity. We need to rise above complexity into pure simplicity. This higher simplicity can solve all of our problems for us without us having to think at all.

As you begin to tune into all the nature elements when performing ITC, your form will become less monochrome and monotonous. Water, fire, trees, mountains are all in the ITC form and these nature elements are all so beautiful and empowering!

In the third year of this training course, you should continue to refine the moves of the form and to cultivate abundant chi. You should also begin to get in touch with the essence of the form which is ‘meditation in movement’. First, you should be able to get into a meditative state of mind while you are practising Standing like a Tree, and then later, you can begin to move slowly whilst still in a meditative state of mind and whilst holding a lot of internal energy. Now you are consistently looking within, rather than allowing your mind to become externalised, and the physical moves of the form become less important than the consistency of your meditative state of mind.

When you finally begin to perform ITC in a meditative state, there may be little artistic expression in your form because you are no longer performing. You are simply meditation in movement. To reach this level of mastery of ITC is in itself a great achievement. You will undoubtedly emanate harmony and peace as you move. But there is still something missing: yang power.

Combining Yin and Yang Qualities in the ITC Form
When you perform ITC in a meditative state, your will emanate peace and harmony form within and your form may look soft and quite beautiful but then you need to add power to it so that you combine yin grace with yang power. Yang energy is more expansive than yin energy so when you go out to teach or demonstrate ITC to the general public you need to combine both types of energy in your form.

Whenever I perform Infinite Tai Chi, you can see and feel the softness and grace of the yin energy but then I add natural yang power. As I move I am totally in tune with all the natural elements. I extend both peace (yin, nurturing energy) to my audience and I inspire them with yang power. When I perform Infinite Tai Chi, people sense the peace, joy and true power in it. Infinite Tai Chi is at heart a spiritual art because it uplifts the soul. You could call Infinite Tai Chi the dance of the soul. It is a moving meditation but it is also a demonstration of our true power.

In just three years of training, only a very few students will reach the stage at which ITC becomes a spiritual art that uplifts the soul, but if most graduates from the course continue to practise diligently for another 2 or 3 years, they should reach a state of ‘radiance on the mountaintop’ when they perform ITC. If you want to become an Infinite Tai Chi teacher, this is the standard of performance that you should be aiming for, because how can you inspire your students if your Infinite Tai Chi form is only so-so.
Moving mindlessly can never convey the eternal beauty and grace of Life Itself. So you have to learn to move with your mind in focus and keep practising the form mindfully until you can achieve greatness. Then the qualities of meditation in movement combined with yang power that you have cultivated will filter into your soul and assist your soul to fly so much higher on its journey home to its source.

Life is eternal. You simply cannot ever snuff yourself out completely however much you try! If you practise Infinite Tai Chi diligently this lifetime, the beautiful qualities that you will cultivate may well assist you in a future life. For example, some young children can play the piano so beautifully and naturally I believe that they must have mastered the piano in a previous life.

If you focus on building up beautiful talents and skills this lifetime they will stay with you for eternity. But addictions and unresolved entanglements will also stay with you after you die- you can call this karma or self-programming, but whatever you call it, if you are wise you will transcend all addictions and entanglements this lifetime so that you can start again next lifetime with a beautiful, clean karmic slate.

The Highest Level of Infinite Tai Chi
Ultimately Infinite Tai Chi becomes the dance of life and everything you touch becomes stardust.

The highest level of performing Infinite Tai Chi calibrates at over 850. At this ultimate level, the practitioner is no longer performing. He/she is just holding the oneness; touching the absolute; merging back into the Tao (All That Is –God).

But do not worry too much about whether you will ever reach the ultimate level of Infinite Tai Chi. Just keep practising diligently and joyfully and know that every effort counts. At every stage in your ITC journey you will undoubtedly have to overcome a lot of resistance and obstacles to growth, but eventually each and every spot of fear, resistance and darkness will dissolve into the light and only love will remain.

Please do not worry too much if some of your fellow students can currently achieve a higher level of performance in Infinite Tai Chi than you. Just keep practising mindfully and joyfully day in and day out until you break through to the next level of radiance.
The crazy, fearful, busy world that we all live in will keep dragging your vibrations down, unless you keep taking time out to raise them up. So my advice to you is to make your worldly life as simple as possible. Our world is far too complicated. Make your life simple so that you can afford to take a lot of time out from being busy and then your life will simply unfold beautifully and miraculously.

© Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012