Short Form

To start, reach up and gather the light, breathe in at each chakra. Bow at heart with gratitude.

1. Breathe in rising and raise arms, elbows back and sink.

2. Raise Yin Energy
– raise left hand
– fold in, weight to left
– right hand, right foot in for alignment

3. Waving hands like the clouds
– step right 45 degrees
– waving hands to the right and back to the left
– right and left again
– third time right to the centre
– step left 45 degrees
– repeat to the left, right, left, right
– third time left to the centre

4. Ocean waves
– step to right – L shape
– sweep hands to the right
– draw in towards yourself
– push the ocean wave three times
– on third push, bring left foot in for alignment
– step to left – L shape
– repeat push to left, three times

5. Heaven and Earth
– keep weight to left
– right hand sweeps to the centre and rises – left hand down,
– right hand to heart, left hand rises
– point right hand to the horizon, left hand balances

6. Hold the Lotus flower
– draw in right foot and bring hands to heart to hold the flower
– sweep right foot to horse riding stance – open arms

7. Draw down Energy – right hand
– Turn arms, right hand comes down, hold for three breaths

8. Reach up to heavens light
– Half Moon Circle – right hand sweeps down
– Close stance
– sink weight and lower Left hand
– right hand rises to heaven and dip your fingers in the light

9. Draw in the light
– bring right hand down, left hand up
– fold into heart
– extend the arms and open stance, toes then heels

10. Draw down Energy – left hand
– Turn arms, left hand comes down, hold for three breaths

11. Ripples in a still pond
– raise right hand, both hands turn over
– first ripple sweeps to the right, draw back relax wrist
– hands turn over
– second ripple sweeps to the right

12. Perfect strength, perfect balance
– right hand forms a hook, fold in then extend the hook
– left hands sweeps a rainbow across the heart centre
– left hand pushes, look to centre
– hold for three breaths

13. Single hand pushing – right
– right hand inner circle – body weight right
– left hand inner circle – draw in left foot
– lift left foot and step down 90 degrees to left
– right hand pushes – left hand down
– right hand inner circle
– left hand inner circle
– right hand, single hand pushing – left hand down

14. Single hand pushing – left
– Right hand inner circle, body weight right
– Left hand inner circle, turn and look to the front
– right hand inner circle – bring right foot in for alignment
– step forward with right foot
– left hand pushes forward – right hand down
– left hand inner circle
– right hand inner circle
– left hand pushes forward – right hand down

15. Reach up to the clouds
– breathe in
– left hand sinks to Earth – turn left foot
– right hand reaches up to the clouds – draw in right foot

16. Point down to the valley
– alignment – right hand to heart centre, left hand rises
– right foot slides to the right, right hand points down to right

17. Reach up to stars
– reach up to the right, bring down star to horse riding stance
– repeat to left
– twice more to right and left

18. Outer circles
– left hand back, outer circle
– circle right hand – on diagonal
– step right and turn foot forward
– circle left hand – left foot in for alignment, step to left

19. Offer the light
– left hand to heart centre, right hand up to receive light
– right hand comes down and offer light to front, knees sink
– offer light to the right

20. Dragons extends tail
– look to left
– draw left foot in, up and step into dragons stance
– left hand forward

21. Eagle Stance
– Slide right foot in – half way
– Pull back embracing heart centre
– Open at heart centre – open arms, left foot points
– push hands and raise left foot

22. Eagles spreads wings
– Fold wings. Hands come forward – Left in front of right
– Small kick – sinking
– Spread wings, Step Left foot across right (close together) and spread wings – turn right foot to sink

23. Waving Hands
– step to right, wave hands to right, draw in left foot
– step to left, wave hands to left, draw in right foot
– repeat again to right

24. Rainbow bridge
– open the rainbow bridge, kick with left foot, and point foot down to left – step across, open rainbow bridge to, kick with right, point foot down to right

25. Dance with angels
– Lift right foot and step across left
– right hand inner circle, stepping left onto heel
– Left hand inner circle to front turning on heel
– Alignment, slide right side in

26. Extend the hook
– Step to right
– Into horse riding stance, left hand pushes right, move stance to right
– Hold the light with right hand
– Extend wing – Left hand to left, drop right knee, body weight right

27. Sweep dragons wing
– Left hand sweeps to front, go into horse riding stance, hands to centre
– Change stance to left
– Left hand hooks tail behind
– Right hand extends wing to centre

28. Sun and Moon
– draw in right hand,
– turn to right, sweep across left arm, bring in left foot
– step onto left foot, draw together sun and moon
– step forward onto foot, toes then heel, extend sun and moon
– merge sun and moon

29. Closing
– gather light, bring it down breathing in at each chakra
– at heart feel gratitude and bow