Six Elements

This exercise is based on a the Buddhist Six element meditation. It has been combined with the four element Chi kung exercise. The aim is to provide a chi kung exercise that leads naturally into the meditation and has the value of opening and preparing for the meditation.

Although the Chi Kung may seem complex it is really very simple. The aim is to work up the energy centres from the base centre to the third eye. At each centre we work with a different element appropriate to that centre. The aim is to feel the quality of the element at that centre. We both move the energy at the centre and hold the energy at the centre. As we hold the energy at each centre we contemplate the nature of the element, its presence within us and within all living things and we recognise that it is not who we are.

After the chi kung we draw the hands down to empty all the elements that are not who we are and sit or stand and feel what remains when they are taken away. After staying with that for a while we then concentrate our attention on a seed of light in the centre of the heart and feel that grow, flower and open. In the centre of the flower is a symbol of our true nature. We bring that symbol back into our conscious mind to feel it and experience it and try to discover the message it has for us.

Bend the knees, raise the energy from the Earth up to heaven, palms facing each other.
Six times. Repeat, but this time opening above your head, arms spread, looking up. Hold the breath as you bend froward at the waist, trunk parallel to the floor, arms behind you. Hold for two/three seconds and repeat, six times. Come into the triangle position

Base Centre – Earth Element
Moving the energy – Grounding: Raise the arms, elbows back, ground the energy pushing down. Six to nine times.
Holding the energy – Triangle: feel like a mountain.

Tan Tien Centre – Fire Element
Moving the energy – Phoenix rising: One arm in front, palm up at heart centre. The other hand palm up, behind and above you. Circular movement, swapping the hands over, sinking and rising. Six to nine times.
Holding the Energy – Candle Flame: Hands at the Tan Tien, Right hand resting in left, palms upwards, thumbs touching. Breathe the candle flame into the Tan Tien.

Solar Plexus Centre – Water Element
Moving the energy – Touching the water: Palms down, shifting weight from side to side, fingertips touching the water. Six to nine times.
Holding the energy – Circles: Hold hands at Solar Plexus, Right hand above left Middle finger of each hand pointing toward the centre of the other palm. Allow the hands to circle naturally, if they want to.

Heart Centre – Air Element
Moving the energy – Open the wings: Raising hands up to the side, like wings, up to the level of the heart centre. Six to nine times. Last time raise the hands to heart level and hold for two or three breaths.
Holding the energy – Embracing: Hands at heart level, palms facing in, fingers open, arms rounded, shoulders and elbows dropped.

Throat Centre – Space
In this exercise space is the space in which we exist and the space within us.
Moving the energy – Silken hands: move hands alternately across the throat. Palms toward the throat, feel like silk is being drawn across the throat. Six to nine times.
Holding the energy – Silver moon: Right hand at throat, left hand at Tan Tien. Palms facing in. Feel very soft, as though embracing a baby. Imagine a silver moon in the hands.

Third Eye Centre – Consciousness
This represents our conscious mind, our thoughts and our intellect.
Moving the energy – Gaze upon a star: raise the hands up in front of you, palms facing away. Tip toes. Look up with the eyes, head forward. Bring the energy down into a squat position with hands behind you. Six times.
Holding the energy – Triangle of Wisdom: The hands at the third eye facing away from you. The thumbs and first fingers of the hands forming a triangle.

Crown Centre – Emptiness
Holding the energy – Open palms: Hands at the heart spread to the side, palms up towards the crown centre.

Bring the hands down to the sides, knees unlocked. Come down through all the centres, emptying the element from that centre. At each centre recognise that element within you and all living things, let it go.

When you have removed all the elements, stand in complete emptiness, try not to let thoughts enter, be open, still and peaceful. Feel what remains and just sit for a time in that awareness.

Focus your attention on your heart centre.