Soul Connection and Inner Turbulence

Connecting to Your Soul
Cosmic energy will not only start to remove your accumulated negative karma, it will also expand your consciousness and enable you to see your soul more clearly. At first, your awakening soul is just like a tiny flickering light, but eventually it can burn within you much more brightly.

However, most individuals resist soul-awakening. Moreover, if someone’s karma is very heavy, their personality simply cannot encourage the soul to awake. Most individuals in this world are still struggling simply to survive and so they have no time or energy to encourage their soul to awake this lifetime. Some very good people have families to look after and money to earn, and so they really cannot support their soul’s awakening. If you have gathered enough good karma to support your soul’s awakening this lifetime, please do not waste it!

I know that you are all longing to awake, or you would not be here. You are now nurturing that spark of light deep within you. You all have beautiful souls, but they are still trapped. In some individuals, the soul is really hard to detect, not because they do not have a soul, but because it is still so obscured, whereas in some individuals the beauty of their soul is much more apparent.

As you keep expanding your consciousness, your soul will shine out more and more brightly. It will no longer me just a flickering spark of light. It will shine much more brilliantly than that. But you seldom meet a shining soul down here on earth. You meet personalities, not souls, and so you have to talk their language without losing contact with your own soul.

If you keep connecting to cosmic energy, it will eventually assist your soul to expand upwards. But it will take some time and effort on your part before you can just open up to receive a healing blast of cosmic energy.

Experiencing Internal Turbulence as You Awake and Heal
As you awake and heal, your soul will be liberated by the Holy Spirit, or Divine Intelligence. But your egoic-self will really resist and even fight this process. You will also become much more aware of both light and darkness within your own split mind.

Unfortunately, this means that you will probably experience a lot of internal conflict and emotional pain and turbulence for quite some time, as your ego and your higher-self remain ‘out of sync’. Whatever you do, do not allow this inner turbulence to distract you from your spiritual path. Just keep meditating and connecting to a higher power that will support your continuing awakening and empowerment.

As you awake and mature spiritually, fear and pain will keep coming up to be healed and released, but then they will go again. Sometimes on the genuine spiritual path, you may even feel as though you are going insane. You may also experience times when you just have to scream and shout with rage, as your inner darkness rises up to be released. But if you just keep going through all of this, your whole life will begin to unfold miraculously.