Stage 1 – Awakening-the-Heart

The first stage of the form awakens the heart centre. The first three standing positions open and strengthen the Tan Tien, Solar Plexus and Heart centres respectively. The form raises the earth energy and mixes it and expands the heart energy, but the form does not work only with the lower energy but reaches up to the higher energy (touching the light, dip your fingers in heaven’s light, touching the star). Each of these movements is balanced by the earth energy, i.e. you are touching down at the same time as reaching up. Perfect strength and balance is a reflection of the final stage of the form. At this stage, heaven and earth, fire and water, are both balanced at the heart centre. Once the heart is awakened at perfect strength and balance, it is then further expanded (single hand push, touching the star, extend dragon’s tail). Note that the touching the star movement is an expansion and contraction of the heart centre, rather than a rising and sinking.

• Tune in – rising and sinking, raising and lowering arms – six times
• Ground Chi – raise arms, elbows back, lower arms to side – three times
• Establish Heaven and Earth – knees unlocked, arms to side, wrists flexed. Think of roots into the ground, up to the waist in sand, connect to light.
• Tan Tien breathing and Inner Smile

Stage 1
1. Grounding the Chi – Breathe in rising, raise arms, elbows back and sink.

2. Raise Yin Energy
– Rising up, bring left hand up to the heart,
– turn to the right, turn back to the left, drawing into the heart
– right hand, right foot in for alignment

3. Waving hands like the clouds
– step to the right, heel down first.
– waving hands to the right and back to the left, repeat
– Third time to the right, step in with the left foot, to alignment
– Step to the left and repeat waving hands to the left.
– Third time to the left step in with the right foot, to alignment

4. Ocean waves
– step to right, a longer step (slightly back)
– sweep across to the right, hands coming up to the heart, weight right.
– weight back to the left, turning the waist, dropping the hands
– weigh back to the right, hands raised , pushing the ocean waves
– repeat twice more, then drop the left hand and step in with the left foot
– step to left and repeat to the left pushing three times

5. Point to the Horizon 
– Heaven and Earth. Drop the right hand, rise up, right hand up to heaven, left hand down to earth
– Turn on the left heel, bring the hands together to the heart, weight left.
– Point to the Horizon. Turn to the right, weight onto the left foot, right hand points to horizon, left hand to left in balance

6. The Lotus flower
– Draw right foot in and bring hands together at heart.
– sweep right foot to horse riding stance – opening arms level with heart
– rise slightly, raising right hand, then sink into horse stance, holding the Golden ball with the right hand on top. Hold for three breaths

7. Dip your Fingers in Heaven’s light
– Half Moon Circle – right hand sweeps down, left hand in balance
– At the same time narrow the stance – toes then heels
– Sink down, left hand down to earth
– rise up, lifting the right hand, leaving the left hand where it is
– dip your fingers in Heaven’s light
– bring down the light – sinking, right hand down, left hand up, till level with the heart
– rising, folding the hands into the heart
– sink down, extend the arms down to solar plexus level, holding a golden ring
– at the same time open the stance, toes then heels, to horse riding stance

8. Wheels within wheels
– swing golden ring in a circle left to right
– repeat right to left and again right to left

9. Hold the Golden Sun
– Rise up, raising the Left hand
– sink and hold the golden ball, left hand on top,
– hold for 3 breaths

10. Ripples in a still pond
– rising, turn the hands over, moving weight to left, right hand comes between left hand and body as you rise. Right hand palm down, left hand palm up
– Sweep to right, drop the fingers of the right hand and sweep back
– Turn the hands over (right hand up, left hand down) and sweep again to right

11. Perfect strength, perfect balance
– right hand lifts to form a hook, fold in then extend the hook
– left hands sweeps a rainbow across the heart centre
– left hand pushes, look to centre
– hold for three breaths

12. Single Hand Pushing
– Turn left, sweeping right hand, turn back, folding in, all the weight on the right foot, step into alingment
– step back and to the left, turn to the left, right hand pushing, left hand down
– turn right draw the right hand in, turn back and push again with right hand
– turn right again, then turn left, all the weight on the left foot, step in then step with right foot, to the front and right. Left hand pushes, right hand palm down
– tun left, draw in left hand, turn back and push again

13. Reach up to the clouds
– breathe in
– Turn in left heel, turn to left, both hands down, weight on the left foot
– Turn to the front straightening the left leg, right hand reaches up to the clouds – right foot draws in

14. Point down to the valley
– lift the right foot, hands draw together at heart,
– big step to right, keep weight left, right hand points down, left hand up

15. Reach up to Stars
– shift weight to right, reach up to the right, left hand down to earth
– bring down star, both hands draw together at heart, repeat to left.
– twice more to right and left

16. Outer Circles
– Step in, left hand stays up,
– turn to left, sweep left hand in a big circle
– Step diagonally to right (foot forward), right hand sweeps right in a big circle
– lift left foot and step left, left hand comes down to heart, right hand rises in a hook to grab the light at the heart

17. Offer the light
– turn to the front, right hand hook drops down
– turn to right step in with left foot, hook raises

18. Dragons extends tail
– Turn to left, look to the left and step left. Hook stays extended, right hand extends from the heart.

End Of Stage 1