Stage 2 – Hints and Tips

Stage 2 works with elements of Yin and yang, strength and softness and emptiness and fullness. It contains very strong movements and very delicate movements and allows the full range of expression of yin and yang. Be aware of your weight and balance. When all the weight is on one foot that foot is full and the other foot empty.

Eagle Stance
Draw the energy into the heart and then open and expand the heart as you rise.
You bring the weight forward to start with and the bring the weight back onto the right foot and bending the right knee. At this stage the left foot is empty so that all the weight is on the right. As you rise into Eagle stance, merely straighten the right knee and the left foot will draw in without effort. Push the hands to the sides as though pushing against walls. For those where balance is difficult keep the left foot down but still feel the pushing with the hands.

Fold the wings.
Just a small turn is needed. Right hand is closer to the body than the left, heart centre.

Spread Wings
This is one of the trickier moves in the form and difficult to get right. Step across with the left foot, so that the foot points back 45 degrees to the left, this gives a solid base. At this stage the hips are still pointing to the left. Now turn the hips to face the front by swivelling on the ball of the right foot, heel raised. End with the ball of the right about 6inches behind the heel of the left foot. Both hands are active but the attention is down to the right hand. Once the movement is complete you should feel very balanced as if you could stand there comfortably.

Cosmic circles
Emptiness and fullness, as you turn feel the weight shift so all the weight is on one foot. This allows you to step across, rather than slide the foot. Be very aware of the weight shifting gradually as you turn. Keep sunk down, so that you do not bob up and down. Raising and lowering of hands is coordinated with the steps. Energetically this expands the energy of the heart around the body.

Sun and Moon
Arms level with the heart. Strong position, eyes looking directly forward.

Extend fire from heart
The step is important, this is a strong position so step diagonally to the right, but with the foot pointing forward to get width into the stance. The right hand fist (knuckles upwards) should be pressed into the palm of the left hand. The side of the knuckle is pressed into the centre of the palm (lao gong point) to open that centre. The hands should naturally fit together. As you extend the left foot should turn to bring the strength into the extension and stance.

Horizontal Cosmic circles
This is an extremely delicate move after the strength of the last move. The palm of the left hand is face up and the right hand circles anticlockwise over the top of it in a larger circle. Imagine that a vortex of energy is emerging and rising from the lao gong point (opened by the previous move). Caress the top of the vortex as delicately as you can.

Again a strong move. Left hand punches level with the solar plexus, right arm is across the heart.

Open Rainbow Bridge
Drop the hand into the water and then step and lift the water through the heart centre to create the rainbow.

Dancing with Angels
Possibly the most yin move of the whole of the form. Keep the hands level with the heart. It is as if this move is caressing the heart energy, almost smoothing and softening it. Again feel the transference of weight as all the weight is transferred onto the right foot.

Extend the hook
Sink down and lift up earth energy with the hook. Do not rise up too much, but sink again as you extend the wing.

Sweep dragons wing
Once again back to a strong move. This is most effective if it kept low, if this is too high up it is difficult to get the feet to turn as they should to bring strength into the posture. The sweep should be level with the waist. The final position is strong, hips and stance are diagonal to the left but the attention and the right hand is directly to the front again extending the heart energy. The energy from the left hand hook comes over the top of the head and down to the right hand and then completes the circle. Also the belt channel is open.