Stage 2 – Yin and Yang

While there are elements of yin and yang in stage 1 they are more obvious in stage 2. There are some very yin heart movements and by contrast some very strong yang movements. Different aspects of yin and yang are explored, e.g. cosmic circles is a good place to feel emptiness and fullness in the stance. Horizontal cosmic circles is very yin, preceded and followed by yang pushes and punches. Again, Dancing With Angels, is very yin, followed by the yang extending the dragon’s wing sequence. The form continues to open and strengthen the heart centre, expending the heart further. The final sequence opens the belt channel.

From the End of Stage 1 – Dragon extends tail
1. Draw in
 – Turn the hips left, slide right foot half way in. Pull back weight onto right foot, drawing hands towards heart.
2. Open at heart centre – rise slightly, open arms, draw in left foot

3. Eagle stance – raise left foot, push arms to the side
-fold the wings. Turn slightly right, drawing hands forward at heart level, Left in front of right
-Small kick – sinking and starting to turn

4. Spread wings, Step Left foot across right, turn hips swivelling on ball of right foot and extend arms, looking down to right hand.

5. Cosmic circles – turn to the left, bring weight onto left foot, Step with the right foot to the side, circle the arms with large circles palms facing away. bringing the weight onto the right foot and step in with the left, circling arms. Turn to bring weight onto the left foot. Repeat steps, right, left, right. Circling the arms.

6. Sun and Moon. On third step with the left foot place the left heel in the right instep, T shape with the feet. Arms open level with the heart, left hand fingers upwards, right hand palm facing down. Turn left, bringing the weight onto the left foot, form a fist with the right hand.

7. Extend fire from heart . Look to front and step forward with right foot, merge hands, side of knuckle pressing into the centre of the left hand. Extend hands in sun and moon position from heart

8. Horizontal Cosmic circles – Turn left foot to open hip, drop left hand level with Tan tien , palm up, right hand facing down. Weight comes back and forward, circling the right hand over the left palm. Come back three times
Punch – As you move forward right arm comes across the heart left hand forms a fist and punches from the solar plexus.

9. Open the Rainbow Bridge
. Feel the water. – weight goes forward, hands lower as if into the water.
– Step diagonally to the left, move weight onto left foot, turning to the front, arms rise up through the heart and open to the sides. Kick right foot and point toes.

10. Dancing with Angels – Right foot steps across to the left, keep turning the weight onto the right foot. Step with the left foot and place down on the heel. Turn on the left heel, place the left foot down and bring all the weight onto the left foot. Step in with the right foot to alignment. The arms follow the movement, flowing level with the heart.

11. Extend the hook – From alignment step to the right, fairly wide stance. Drop hands, right hand forms a hook, left hand as though pushing. Rise slightly as you turn to the right to raise the hook.

12. Extend wing – Turn left sinking extend left hand to left, keeping weight to the right, look down to the left.

13. Sweep dragons wing – Turn right, left hand sweeps to front, go into horse riding stance. Turn left sweeping hands, left hand palm down, right hand palm up. Turn right, both hands palm up. Turn left, left hand sweeps behind to form a hook, right hand comes inside and extends to centre. Look to the front

End of Stage 2