Stage 3 – Reaching for the Light

In stage 3 of the form the movements reaching up to the light are no longer balanced by the earth but by the heart. In Rainbow Rising and Phoenix Rising the balance is the heart centre, while the opening movement, Pillars in the Sky, remains balanced between heaven and earth. Pillars in the Sky open the energy line through the centre of the body. Rainbow Rising works with the third eye centre and Phoenix Rising with the crown centre. The final water movement sequence brings the energy back down to the earth so that the whole of the form to this stage is well balanced. The higher centre have been opened but the energy is balanced, making the end of stage 3 a good place to stop. The form so far is very opening and well balanced.

From extend the dragons wing

1. Tai Chi Circle
Draw right hand in towards the heart
Left hand draws a Tai Chi circle
Align left foot to right

2. Pillars in the Sky
Push right hand up, left hand down
Rasing the left foot

3. Point Down to The Ocean
Half turn to the left, sink, small low kick
Right hand sweeps through
Pull right hand and leg up
Step and swap hands to point down to ocean

4. Rainbow rising to right
Left foot steps across, hands touching the water
Water back to the left, step with right
Right hand fist left hand to heart

5. Rainbow rising to left
Draw into heart, hands to heart
Expand out from heart
Right hand feels water, step across
Feel water to right, step with left
Rainbow rising to left, left hand fist, right hand at heart

6. Stand on the Mountain Top
Draw into the heart, hands to heart
Expand out from heart

7. Offer the Light
Step to the right
Right hand to heart
Left hand sweeps round to right to grab light
Turn left hand over, Turn to left offering light

8. Dragon’s Tail
Turn to look to right
Extend right hand

9. Eagles Wing
Draw in
Slide left foot in – half way
Pull back embracing heart centre
Open at heart centre – open arms, left foot points
Eagle stance – raise left foot

10. Eagle lands
Turn towards your right
Sink to land, heel first

11. Eagle opens wings
Turn to front opening arms
Right hand up, left hand down

12. Phoenix rising (to right)
Turn to right, phoenix rising
Come back to left, fire across
Repeat sequence
Third time phoenix rising

13. Phoenix rising (to centre)
Align, facing right, left hand to Tan Tien
Turn to front phoenix rising
Come back to right, fire across
Repeat sequence
Third time phoenix rising

14. Water sequence
Water back to right, step across
Water to left, step to right
Water to right
Water to left, step across
Water to right side, step to left
Water to left
Water to right
Water to left, grab water and form a hook

15. Dragon’s wing
Extend wing – Right hand to right drop left knee, body weight left
Sweep dragons wing – Right hand sweeps to front, go into horse riding stance, hands to centre
Change stance to right
Right hand hooks tail behind
Left hand extends wing to centre

End of Stage 3