Stage 4 – Awakening to the Light

In Stage 4 the form starts to focus on the higher centres above the heart. We once again start to use standing positions, last used in stage one. At this stage of the form concentrates on opening the throat and third eye centres. As with the earlier standing positions the energy is held at the energy centre and then moved. So we have the Silver Moon standing position at the throat centre, followed by silken hands, and the Golden Shield  standing positions for the third eye, followed by Reflections in the Mirror. This is now serious energy work. Much of the early part of stage 4 continues to work with the heart centre but the churning movement at Push Down to the Ocean starts to work with the higher centres and heart only.

From end of stage 3

Tai Chi Circle
Draw the left hand in towards the heart
Right hand draws a Tai Chi circle
Step in to the left

Pillars in the Sky
Push right hand down, left hand up
Rasing the right foot

Point Down to The Ocean
Half turn to the right, sink, small low kick
Left hand sweeps through
Pull left hand and leg up
Step and swap hands to point down to ocean

Push down to the Ocean
Turn on the right heel,
open hands at heart lift left foot, step down to left and push down 45degrees

Churning the Moon
Turn in the right heel
Lift the moon from the water, churn through the body and push back down
repeat a second time

Half moon Circles / Punching
turn in the right heel, turn to the right, form a fist, turn back and punch
follow step, step in with the right foot, heel to the left instep
repeat half moon circle, step to the left and punch

Touch the water
turn in the right heel, bend the right knee and bring the hands down.
Rise up, lifting the arms to the heart

Scooping Hands
Turn right foot, turning to the front, draw energy in with right hand.
Bring left foot round turning on the heel draw energy in with left hand.

Waving hands
Align to the left, step to the right, waving hands. Repeat stepping and waving hands to left and then to the right

Open hands at heart. Lift the left foot. Kick and point down to left.
Step left foot across right, facing diagonally to right.
Open hands across heart, kick diagonally. Point down with foot.

Silver Moon
Turn on the right heel, face diagonally to left.
Hold the silver moon, right hand at throat, left hand at Tan tien. Hold for three breaths, weight to right.

Silken Hands
turn slightly left, turn back to right drawing right hand across throat
turn back to left, left hand across throat, repeat to right, to left and again to right
Reach up with right hand to touch the light

Dipping In the Water
Step in with left foot. Then step down diagonally to left. Right fingers stay connected to light. Weight forward and back, touching the water with the finger tips. Repeat, in all three times to left.

Streak of Lightning / Golden Shield
Right hand comes down, step in with right foot.
Merge the hands, step towards the front with right foot.
Extend hands from heart, imagine the golden shield, three breaths

Reflections in the mirror
Turn right foot to left, on the right heel. Step into alignment. Step backwards with the feet diagonally to left. Push with the right hand (fire hand). Turn back to right, lift left hand towards the forehead (reflections in a mirror). Repeat and finish with a third fire hand.

Waving hands
Come back to alignment, step diagonally to left, wave hands to left. Step backwards to right wave hands. Step to left and wave hands.

Kicking / Silver Moon / Silken Hands / Dipping in the Water / Streak Lightning / Golden Shield
Reverse the above movements. Golden Shield the second time is the end of stage 4