Stage 5 – Reaching for the Divine

In stage 5 of the form we are reaching up to the Divine energy. In stage 5 the reaching to the light is no longer balanced by earth or heart energy. In Swallows Flies South both hands reach to the light and one hand draws down. It the Four Corners movement both hands draw the energy down. This stage of the form is sacred work and should be done with pure intent and knowledge. Return to Altar should be the creminder to return to the Altar of the heart and be clear about the purity  and sacred intent of the remainder of the form. The form opens the crown centre and draws down the divine feminine and divine masculine energies. The culmination of the form is Perfect Strength and Balance, where the whole universe is balanced around the still point, the tai chi centre, in the heart. Heaven and Earth, fire and water, internal and external, male and female, emptiness and fullness are all balanced. Everything is complete.

From the end of Stage 4

Reflections in the mirror
Turn left foot to right, on the heel. Step into alignment. Step backwards facing diagonally right. Push with the left hand (fire hand). Turn back to the left, and lift right hand towards the forehead (reflections in a mirror). Repeat and finish with a third fire hand.

Horizontal Cosmic Circles
Wave hands to the left, turning the feet. Hold a ball between the hands, left hand on top. Bring the weight onto the right foot, lift the left foot and step forward to the left. Horizontal Cosmic circles three times – right hand at solar plexus, left hand facing down. Move forward and punch from the solar plexus, protecting the heart with the left arm

Open the Rainbow bridge
Feel the water. Lower hands, small step, right foot diagonally in front. Step into alignment, raise arms bringing hands through the heart, lift the left foot, kick and open the arms. Point left foot.

Dancing With angels.
Lift left foot and step across right. Turn to right, step with the right onto heel. Turn on heel, bring all the weight onto the right and alignment.

Swallow Flies South
Step to left, both hands reach up to the left. Turn to the front, extend right hand and bring weight onto left. Right foot steps across. Weight onto right. Step forward onto left heel, turn to right on left heel and turning on right heel.

Churning the Moon
Push down to the Ocean. Turn on the left heel. Lift the moon from the water, churn through the body and push back down, repeat a second time.

Half Moon Circles / Punching
Turn in the left heel, turn to the left, form a fist, turn back and punch.
Follow step, step in with the left foot, heel to the right instep. Repeat half moon circle, step to the right and punch

Touch the water
turn in the left heel, bend the left knee and bring the hands down. Rise up, lifting the arms to the heart

Scooping Hands
Turn left foot, turning to the front, draw energy in with left hand. Bring right foot round turning on the heel draw energy in with right hand. Draw in to right, alignment

Return to Altar
Step backwards to left. Draw hands to heart, Open at heart draw in right foot. Repeat to the right and again to the left.

Circles in the Air
Step backwards to right. Weight to right drawing in at heart. Extend hands out from heart in two circles to the left. Left hand up to throat, right hand at heart. Repeat three times. On third time draw in to right, step to left and repeat three times to the right. On third movement step in and cross hands at heart.

Light from the 4 Corners
Step back with right foot. Pointing down with right hand. Move weight onto right foot and reach up with both hands to heaven. Draw heaven down into the heart. Repeat and then repeat twice to front. Step in and cross hands at heart (facing to right). Step backwards with left foot and repeat the drawing in movement twice to left and right. Draw into heart and open hands out from heart, in horse riding stance.

Divine Feminine
Tune in and connect. Reach up with left hand and draw down through centres. Right hand down to Tan tien.

Heavens Light
As in stage 1, but right hand down left hand up. Draw hands to heart and open at heart centre.

Divine Masculine
As with the Divine Feminine, but with the  right hand

Ripples in a Still Pond
As in stage 1 but reversed.

Perfect Strength, perfect Balance
Stand and feel everything in balance, heaven and earth, male and female, fire and water, internal and external.

Merge Sun and Moon
Sweep right hand round. Draw in right foot. Left hand open, fingers upwards, right hand forms a fist. All the weight on the left foot, step forward with the right foot (empty). Put the right foot down, step forward and merge the hands.

Bring the hands together above the head and draw down through the centres, bowing at the heart.