Stop Playing Small and Connecting to Love Energy

Stop Playing Small!
Some of you still tend to play small. You say to yourself that you are just a normal human being, but I really do not recommend that you go on doing this. You really cannot come on this course and continue to play small. You have to commit to holding the light on behalf of all your brothers and sisters. Just an occasional glimpse of the light is not going to transform you from a normal human being into an angel. So you have to keep practising connecting to the light until you reach the calibration of 500+, which is the calibration of some angelic beings. But please understand that not all angels are spiritual masters yet. Mother Meera actually holds the light more strongly than some lovely angels.

If you really still believe that you are a human being, you can only play at being an angel occasionally. So you have to change your mind and see yourself as a fallen angel who has forgotten his/her true identity, rather than a human being trying to become an angel. Mother Meera no longer believes that she is just a human being. She knows that she is the light and that her physical body is just a temporary tool to extend the light out into the world. Going to see Mother Meera opened my eyes tremendously. She really inspired me to practise more so that I could hold more light.

I know that you still believe that you are a human being, but at least you can now give yourself the long-term goal of transcending this very low level of consciousness until you become an angel or an avatar.

As a human being, the best we can achieve is to ‘reach the mountaintop’ and become a radiant, exceptionally successful, vibrant and abundant personality-self. To achieve all of this, we have to keep raising our vibrations and consciousness. There is absolutely no point sitting down in the valley just wishfully thinking that our lives could be better. Our lives certainly won’t change for the better unless we dedicate ourselves to making the positive changes that we long for actually happen.
When you raise your consciousness up to the mountaintop, you still have an ego, but you will naturally become more compassionate and you will begin to attract universal goodness and abundance into your life. You will become an extra-ordinary human being instead of a bog standard one! You will be radiant, but if you want to go further, you have to commit to transcending the egoic-thought system that completely traps your soul.

Connecting to Love Energy
Your ego makes its home in your physical body, but your body is not your true home and so your soul feels homeless, even though your personality-self clings to your body for dear life! But once your personality-self is ‘standing on the mountain top’, it will be so much easier for your soul to begin to awake. How do you awake? You just keep bringing love energy into your being. Your personality-self cannot ever love. It just wants and needs. Of course, you will say to yourself, ‘I love my son’ or ‘I love my partner’ No! You love yourself, but you do not feel whole in yourself, and so you try to reach out and grab one or two other individuals to fill up all of your inner gaps!

Sadness, worry, pain, grief, fear of being abandoned- none of these feelings is true love. True love is soul-to-soul, with a sense of total freedom within it. True love is gentle and eternal and extends out to all living creatures indiscriminately. The soul that is dwelling in love simply cannot attack any other living thing. Your heart never attacks, only your brain judges others and then attacks them. Your heart only feels either closed or open. Your heart experiences either a painful loveless state, or it dwells in true love.

Whenever you experience love energy beyond the personality-level, you will feel wonderful. But some very kind and loving individuals still have very weak physical bodies and lower energy centres and so whilst they may be able to connect to ‘love energy’, they are too weak to extend it powerfully into the world around them. I really do not like this version of connecting to love. So I strongly urge you to keep practising and strengthening your mind and body so that you can truly embody light and love and then extend it powerfully out into the world around you. Spiritual masters are usually soft and gentle, but when they need to be strong, they can draw on exceptional inner strength and power.

Copyright Jason Chan and Jane Rogers 2012